Brazil Embassy In Kenya – Location, Brazil High Commission, Nairobi

In today’s article, our featured topic is the Brazil Embassy in Kenya. We will give you the details you need to know about the embassy, including jobs, website, location, address, and many more.

The relationship between Brazil and Kenya is one of the oldest foreign relations in the history of Kenya.

Since the establishment of the embassy in 1967, the Brazilian high commission in Kenya has been very vital to Kenya.

They have played a key role in contributing support in many factors towards the development of Kenya until now.

However, the Brazilian Embassy, represents the interest of the Brazilian Government in Kenya, maintaining the unity and promoting the Kenya and Brazil trade.

Someone may ask, what are the benefits Kenya enjoys from their tie with Brazil?

Well, Kenya has gained overwhelming benefits from their relationship with Brazil.

We can talk about the numerous opportunities local companies in the country have increased, and the political support they get from Brazil.

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Who Is The Brazil High Commissioner To Kenya

The ambassador and head of the Brazilian Diplomatic Mission to Kenya is His excellency Fernando Eestellita Lins De Salvo Coimbra.

He has done a phenomenal job since his appointment, and it is not surprising he has received a lot of praise form the Kenyan Government.

That shows the magnitude of unity between the two countries.

Now that we have known a little history about the Brazil High Commission in Kenya, let us look at where we can find the embassy in Kenya.

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Where is the Brazil Diplomatic Mission in Nairobi located

Without a doubt, the Embassy of Brazil in Kenya is located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. That has been the tradition as embassies are always hosted in capital cities.

It makes it very easy to be identified. You can visit the embassy during their regular working hours, and before you make any attempt to go there, it is crucial to call them.

If it is your first time visiting Kenya or Nairobi, you can easily find the Brazil Embassy, as it is located within a very well-known area in Nairobi.

The embassy is easily accessible to physically challenged persons, as that is one of the measures put in place to ensure the disability-friendly of the Chancery.

There is enhanced security at the embassy, and the staff at the office pay attention to detail.

Directions To The Brazil Chancery In Kenya

You can use the directions below to find the Brazilian High Commission in Nairobi quickly.

All you need to do is locate the Juicebox Liquor Store in Nairobi along the United Nations Ave road and go straight.

A few meters after Asian Garden, take a left turn on the Gigiri Road and turn right in front of the Willow Gardens Kitchen on to the United Nations Cres Road.

The Brazil Diplomatic Mission in Kenya can be found along the United Nations Cres Road after Dream Palace.

If that direction did not help you, then use their physical address below to locate the embassy.

Address To The Brazil Chancery In Nairobi

Here is the address of the Brazil Embassy in Kenya

Street address: 121, United Nations Crescent Road, United Nations Close, Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya.

Do you need some information from the embassy? But what if time will not permit you to visit the embassy?

These are the reasons why it is very vital to have the contact details of the embassy. Read in the next section and find out how you can contact the embassy.

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Ways You Can Contact The Brazil Diplomatic Mission In Kenya

Unlike some time back, where contacting the Brazilian Embassy was one of the toughest you will ever experience.

The embassy saw the need to provide numerous contact options to curtail the enormous traffic on their telephone lines.

As a result, now, contacting the Brazil Embassy in Nairobi has become more effortless, and it does not involve any complications.

Now you have options to call them on the phone, send them a fax, email and many more.

Moreover, when contacting the embassy, you must take into account their working hours since any inquiry outside their working hours will not be responded to.

Also, it is imperative to always verify to see you have their correct contact details of the embassy. That is a protective measure to ensure you do not get to the wrong destination.

You can choose any of their contact details below to make an inquiry from the embassy.

Telephone Number Of The Brazil Consulate in Nairobi

If you want to call the Brazilian Embassy In Kenya, here is their telephone number.;

Telephone : +254 (20) 727-0000

Send them Fax messages on their fax number below.

Fax : +254 (20) 712-0102

For a faster response, you can send an email to the embassy, here is their email address.


Another option is to write a letter to the embassy, here is the postal address of the Brazil Diplomatic Mission in Kenya.

Postal Address: Post office Box 30754-00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Other Ways You Can Contact The Brazil High Commission In Kenya

Maybe you would like to follow them on social media. The embassy has a Facebook handle. You can follow them on  Facebook using the  web address below.

Please take note you have to make sure you are following their official Facebook page, that is why we have provided you the link to their Facebook page.

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Website Of The Brazil High Commission In Kenya

Are you looking for jobs at the Brazilian Chancery in Kenya? Or maybe you want to apply for a visa.

Then you can visit the official website of the Brazil Embassy for further details.

You don’t have to worry, with any mobile phone that access the internet, can also visit the embassy’s website.

Use the web address below to visit the Brazil Embassy in Kenya


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