How Do I Contact Assupol, Call Assupol Customer Care

If you have been looking for how to Call Assupol Customer Care? Look no further because you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll share various ways you can talk to Assupol to inquire or raise an issue.

Assupol is a South African insurance company offering its services to millions of South Africans.

If you are among its customers, you ought to know how to contact the company for assistance, or in case you have a question on your policy, contact for clarification.

The company has specified contact details if you need specific assistance.

There are contact details if you have queries about the funeral cover, which are different if you have queries about life cover. The good news here is I’ve compiled all those contact details for you.

How To Call Assupol Customer Care For Enquiries

If you have general inquiries about Assupol, you can contact customer care by dialing 0861 235 664.

How To Call Assupol Customer Care Concerning Policy

If you have any questions or issues with the Assupol policy, may it be funeral, life, retirement, or any other policy, you can contact Assupol by dialing  0860 103 091 or emailing an email

How To Contact Assupol Through Assupol On-call Support

If your policy among the benefits includes Assupol’s On-Call support, you can contact Assupol anytime for expert personal support. There are two categories of Assupol’s On-Call support: Assupol On-Call and On-Call Plus.

The on-call support offers various valuable services, including transportation of the deceased, transportation in medical situations, trauma counseling, and valuable information on the funeral, financial, and medical problems.

Call 0800 002 614 beforehand; otherwise, all fees incurred will be your responsibility.

The On-Call Plus provides value by offering support, and valid claims are paid within minutes, mobile airtime, power, and transportation. You must call 0861 235 664 to claim these benefits.

How To Contact Assupol Through Social Media

You can also contact Assupol through social media pages. On Facebook through their official page, Twitter, and LinkedIn

How To Contact Assupol Through Visiting Their Offices

Assupol has offices spread out in almost all parts of South Africa; thus, you can contact them by visiting their offices. At any of the Assupol, there is customer care to serve you.

How To Contact Assupol Through Sms

If you need assistance from Assupol, you can send an SMS with the word HELP to 41366. After customer care receives your message, they will contact you for you to explain your issue.

How to contact Assupol through Email

In addition to the above options, you can equally contact Assupol by sending an email. You will not receive a response immediately, though; you can send an email to

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