Turkey Embassy In Kenya : Locate The Turkish High Commission In Nairobi

The Turkey Embassy in Kenya is one of the many high commissions of Turkey across the globe.

The Turkey and Kenya relation started in the year 1968 when their diplomatic mission was established and had since grown to become one of the most reliable foreign relations Kenya has ever experienced.

Turkey is very pleased with the bilateral relations between the two countries, and that has amounted to the many support Kenya has enjoyed from Turkey.

The current chancery of the Turkish High Commission has been in existence since 1990, making it one of the oldest in the country.

However, the Turkish embassy is the representative of the Government of Turkey in Kenya.

One of their core mandates is to promote the Kenya and Turkey trade, implementing the Turkish foreign policies and protecting their citizens in Kenya.

Today the Turkish embassy has a scholarship program that is offered to the citizens of Kenya, including many business opportunities available to the host country.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Turkish Embassy In Kenya

His excellency Ahmet Cemil Miroğlu,  is the ambassador and the head of the Turkish mission in Kenya.

He has promised the Kenyan Government to work and expand the cooperation between the two countries, serve citizens of both nations and work together to support each other.

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Where Is The Turkey High Commission In Kenya Located

Turkish High Commission In Kenya
Turkish Embassy Kenya

Do you need any assistance from the embassy?

Then you need to visit them. But do you know where the embassy can be found?,

Calm down I will show you in a moment.

Do not be deceived when someone tells you the Turkish Embassy in Kenya can be found in Mombasa that is wrong.

The Turkey Embassy in Kenya is located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

The embassy has enhanced security and a very spacious parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about where to park your car even if you are physically challenged.

The Turkey  Embassy has measures in place for everyone, So you can have smooth access to the embassy’s office.

What is more, they operate from Monday to Friday between the working hours of 09:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Directions To The Turkish Embassy In Nairobi

You can use the directions below for the quickest route to find the embassy in Nairobi.

All you need is to locate the German Tennis School along the Limuru Road.

On the Limuru Road, turn right in front of the Junction/Poland embassy bus stop onto the Gigiri Road and go straight. Once you are on the Gigiri Road, you are almost there.

The Turkish embassy is located on your right along the Gigiri Road.

You can also use their address below to find them.

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Turkish Embassy In Nairobi Address

Street Address: Embassy of Turkey in Nairobi 30 Gigiri Road.

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Turkey Embassy  In Kenya Contact Details

Turkey Embassy in Kenya
Turkey Flag

Are you looking for how you can contact the embassy for a faster response?

Well, contacting the Turkish embassy is one of the most flexible experience you will have contacting an embassy.

They have provided various options through which you can contact them, and I bet you will get a response within minutes.

Please take note of the working hours of the Turkey Embassy in Kenya when you want to contact them.

Although we have managed to get you all their contact details, it is your responsibility to choose one which best suits you.

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Turkey Embassy In Kenya Phone Numbers

If you want to call the embassy, here are their official telephone numbers.

Telephone : +254 20 712 69 29 or +254 20 712 69 30

Maybe you wish to send them an email. That is their email address below.

Email: embassy.nairobi@mfa.gov.tr

Maybe you prefer fax messages. This is the Fax number of the embassy.

Fax : +254 20 712 69 31

Turkey High Commission In Kenya Official Postal Address

Do you want to write a letter to the embassy? This is their official postal address.

Postal address: Embassy of Turkey in Nairobi, 30 Gigiri Road, Post Office Box 64748, 00620 Nairobi-Kenya.

Other Ways To Follow The Activities Of The Turkish Diplomatic Mission In Kenya.

It will be a good idea if you can also follow them on social media. The embassy has both Facebook and Twitter handles.

IF you want to follow them on Facebook.

You can use the web address below to follow them on social media.


For Twitter, use this.


Consulate of Turkey in Kenya

Does Turkey have a consulate in Kenya? Yes, the Turkish High Commission Kenya has a consular section responsible for all Turkish citizens’ services in Kenya.

Are you a citizen of Turkey residing in Kenya?

Then it would be best if you took note of this, as a foreigner, sometimes you may face some challenges and fins yourself in critical conditions which requires urgent assistance.

When that happens, you must contact the consulate section of the embassy. It is their responsibility to seek the welfare of all Turkish nationals in Kenya.

This is the reason why you must not lose contact with the consulate or your embassy.

Since the consulate is at the place with their embassy, they share the same contact details.

But take not the consulate section at the Turkish High Commission in Nairobi operates from Mondays to Fridays, between 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Contacts Of Turkish Consulate In Nairobi

If you want to call the consulate of Turkey in Nairobi, call this telephone number: +254 20 712 69 29

Here is the email address to reach the consulate of Turkey in Kenya: embassy.nairobi@mfa.gov.tr

You can also call their consulate call center on the telephone number below.

Consular call center : + 90 312 292 29 29

Turkish Visa Application Kenya

Are you looking for information concerning the Turkey embassy in Kenya visa application?

Use the web address below to visit their visa application website.


Turkey High Commission In Kenya Website

For more information about the Turkish High Commission, you can visit the official website of the Turkey Embassy in Kenya.

It is imperative to visit their website as there is first-hand information concerning all you need from the embassy.

Also, you can get extensive details about any of their services from the website.

Here is the web address to the site.


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