Austria Embassy In Kenya : Location, Contact, VFS Global Nairobi

Austria Embassy in Kenya is one of the many Diplomatic missions of Austria across the globe.

Austria has been actively involved in bilateral relations over the years, and that has helped strengthen its foreign policies.

Bilateral relations mostly start from historical and escalate to economic, political, and many others.

The rise of Kenya has been a surprise to many, excluding me. I know what Kenya is building, and they will explode soon. In other words, Kenya is improving in all sectors, and that is a good sign.

Very more quickly, their economic growth will escalate.

For a county like Kenya, they have a good future since they have strong support form their foreign relations.

However, the Austrian High Commission in Kenya is the sole representative of the Austrian Government.

Countries nowadays do not joke when it comes to the safety of their citizens.

Therefore, since there are a lot of Austrian citizens in Kenya, the Austrian Diplomatic Mission in Kenya has been mandated to seek the welfare of all Austrians living in Kenya.

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Who Is The Current Ambassador of The Austrian High Commission In Kenya

His Excellency Dr. Christian Feller is the ambassador to the Austrian High Commission in Kenya, and he is a very hardworking man.

No wonder he has received a lot of praise from the Kenya president.

The is a lot more to talk about Austria and Kenya, but without creating more fuss about that, let’s focus on our topic for today.

Besides, since we have now know the purpose of the embassy, let us find out where we can find it in Kenya.

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Where Can Austria Embassy In Kenya Be Found

People who always read our Embassy guidelines will not have any difficulties looking for locations of embassies.

That is because we have seen in our previous articles that embassies are traditionally located in capital cities.

So, you get the clue now? It is not rocket science to know that an embassy can get found in the capital city.

Therefore, if you ware looking for the Austrian High Commission in Kenya, it can be found in the capital of Kenya.

Indeed, the Austria Embassy in Kenya is located in Nairobi.

We highly recommend if you want to go to the embassy, do well to contact them before.

That’s is because the embassy is divided into sections, of which each department is for a specific task, so calling them helps you to know where to direct your quest.

Are you getting confused already? Do not worry in the next section you will know their contact details.

Remember, the Austrian Embassy in Kenya operates from, and their working hours are between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Directions To The Austria Diplomatic Mission In Kenya

If you are looking for the Austrian Embassy in Kenya, follow the directions below.

The Crystal Gardens is a famous landmark in Nairobi, so it will make it easier if you start your journey from there.

If you are coming from the Crystal Gardens toward the Total Muthaiga Service Station, go straight.

The Austrian Embassy in Kenya can be found alone the Limuru Road, opposite the Muthaiga Service Station.

You can also use their physical address to locate the Austrian Embassy if the direction above is not enough for you.

Address To The Austrian Embassy Office In Nairobi

It is challenging at times when following the directions especially for people who are new in the town.

That is why w have provided their address for you to use that as an alternative to find the embassy office. So don’t stress yourself you can also use their physical address to find them.

Here is the address of the Austria High Commission in Kenya

Address: Off Limuru Road, Opposite Muthaiga Mini Market

Sometimes you may need some quick information form the embassy, but what if you are far away? That is why you need to have their contact details.

Read in the next section to know how you can contact that the Austrian Embassy in Kenya.

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How Can I Contact The Austria Embassy In Kenya

Unlike other embassies, whereby contacting them is a hard row to hoe, contacting the Austrian Embassy is effortless.

The embassy has put measures in place to reduce the massive pressure on their phone lines. Therefore, it makes it flexible if you want to contact the embassy.

However, in other not to end up making an empty journey going to the embassy, we advise you always verify if you have the correct contact details of the Austrian Embassy before you call them.

That is because, some bad nuts have put out fake contact details to deceive people, but do not worry we have for you, all the embassy’s official contact details.

You can choose among the contact details below, one which best suits you and contact the embassy.

Phone Numbers of Austrian Mission In Kenya

If you what to call the Austria Embassy in Kenya, call this phone number.

Telephone :+254 20 406 00 22, +254 20 406 00 23, or +254 20 406 00 24

For Fax messages, use the Fax number below.

Fax: +254 20 406 00 25

Do you want to write a letter to the Austrian High Commission in Kenya?

Postal Address Of The Austria Diplomatic Mission In Kenya

Here is the official postal address of the Austria Embassy in Kenya.

Postal address: P.O. Box 30560-00100 Nairobi

If you have interest in Consular services at the Austrian Embassy, read in the next section to know more.

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Consulate of Austria in Kenya

Does Austria have a Consulate in Kenya?

Yes, the Austrian Embassy in Kenya has a Consular section at the embassy, which is responsible for all consular related issues.

Are you an Austrian citizen living in Kenya?

Sometimes being a foreigner and living in a different country, you come across challenges, and during these times, the consulate is responsible for helping you.

In that case, you do not have to lose contact with the consulate so that you can contact them during an emergency.

Here is the emergency phone number for the Austrian Consulate in Kenya

Emergency Telephone: +254 733 635651

Also, you can contact the Consular office for all citizens Consular services such as passport renewal, passport replacement, notarial services, etc.

Don’t be left out, Kenyans and other foreign nationals who need assistance from the Austria Consular can contact them for help.

You can contact the Consular section through the telephone number below.

Consulate Of Austria In Kenya Phone Number

Reaching the consulate through a phone call is one of the best ways to get detailed guidelines from the consular section.

Here is the phone number of the Austria Consulate in Kenya, if you want to call.

Telephone: +254 20 406 00 22

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Austria Visa Application Center in Kenya

If you want to apply for an Austrian visa in Kenya, then you must know this.

The Austrian Embassy in Kenya has authorized a third party company also to handle all types of Austria Visa applications, and that is VFS Global.

Do not be confused, VFS Global is a very reputable company across the world notable for visa application.

Therefore, do not be worried. They will give you the best of service.

If you want to make inquiries about an Austrian Visa in Kenya, call VFS Global on this telephone number.

Telephone: +254 2051479 04

You can also contact the VFS Global Austria Kenya through the email address below.


If you want to book an appointment for an Austrian visa, use clink on the link below.


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Frequently Asked Questions About The Austrian Visa Application In Kenya

How do I get a Visa for Austria?

If you want to get a Visa for Austria in Kenya, you can call this phone number and start the process.

+254 2051479 04

How long does it take to get an Austrian visa?

The duration of an Austrian visa to be issued is dependent on the type of Visa you require. For example, a long-stay visa sometimes takes time.

How much is an Austrian visa fee?

Austrian visa fees are not fixed since it is paid in the local currency based on the exchange rate of the embassy, which changes each month.

Also, visa fees vary from one type of Visa to the other.

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Website Of Austria High Commission In Kenya

Furthermore, if you need more information about the Austrian High Commission in Kenya, you must visit their website.

There is detailed information on the website, which will be very relevant to you.

Use the web address below to visit the official website of the Austria Embassy in Kenya.


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