Qatar Embassy In Ghana: Contacts, Qatar Diplomatic Mission, Accra

Today I have a fascinating guide about the Qatar Embassy in Ghana for you.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, has become a city of attraction, which gets thousands of tourists each month.

Qatar has geared up with arguably one of the best airline companies available. Qatar Airways.

They have prioritized traveling services as a business, and it is selling Qatar to the world.

However, Qatar does not set up embassies solely because of travel services. Their embassies also carry out all correspondences between Qatar and its bilateral partners.

Qatar has spotted great potential in Ghana soon, and that is one of the reasons why they relate to Ghana.

The Qatari Embassy in Ghana seeks to promote trade and investment relations with between.

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Who Is The Current Qatar Ambassador To Ghana

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Al Humaid is the ambassador for the Qatari Embassy in Ghana.

He has done an exceptional job since his appointment. That has earned him a lot of praise, both from his country and the Ghana government.

The embassy also offers services that seek to address all issues about all immigration matters concerning Qatar.

We welcome you once again to, here we give you the most and authentic detailed information about all embassies across the world.

Today, we have for you the Qatar Embassy in Ghana, and if that is your interest, then you can jump onto the next section to know more about their location.

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Where To Locate The Qatar Embassy In Ghana

The Qatari embassy in Ghana is currently located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It is the only chancery of their embassy available in Ghana.

We can expect some in other cities shortly.

However, if you want to visit the embassy, it is recommended you contact them first before you proceed. But do you need to contact the Qatar High Commission? Not.

Before you can visit the Diplomatic mission of Qatar in Ghana, you book an appointment.

So, how do you book an appointment with the Qatar High commission in Ghana?

It is very straightforward if you want to schedule an appointment with the Qatari Embassy in Ghana jut visits their website. Do not worry if you don’t have their website.

I will give it to you, so keep reading.

When you book an appointment to visit the embassy, you will be given a time to which you can visit them.

Directions To The High Commission of Qatar in Ghana

Use the directions below to locate the Qatar embassy.

When coming from the National Theater using the Liberation Road towards the Trust Restaurant, Turn left on the junction after Trust restaurant onto the Gamel Abdul Naser Ave.

Go straight towards the Kempiski Hotel.

At this moment, you are a few minutes away from the Qatar Embassy. Just at Kempiski hotel on you right of the Gamel Abdul Ave road, the Qatar Embassy can be found there.

Sometimes it becomes difficult when following the direction, but do not worry. That is why I am here for you. Alternatively, you can use their street address.

Address Of Qatar High Commission in Ghana

Sometimes using the directions becomes a bit challenging especially for people who are new in the town.

There is nothing to worry if you are not able to use the directions as you can also use their physical address.The good news is that we have their address for you you below.

Here is the address of the Qatar Embassy in Ghana.

Street Address: Kempinski Hotel, Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue.

After you have known their location, the essential information you need is their contact details, and we have all that for you in the next section.

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Contacts of the Qatar Embassy in Ghana

If you find yourself reading this section then, it is obvious you need the contact details for the Qatar High Commission in Ghana. If that is the case, then pay attention here.

There is a various option provided by the embassy with which you can use to contact them. We recommend you use one that suits you, either email, phone numbers, postal address.

Phone Number Of Qatar Diplomatic Mission In Ghana

If you want to call the Qatar Embassy in Ghana, this is their telephone number.

Phone number : +233242436000330 or +233242436332 , or +233242436330

Maybe you want to contact them through email. Below is their official email address


Have you decided to write a letter to the embassy? Well, the embassy uses a private mailbox. You can send you a letter to address their private message box below.

Here is the private Mailbox of the Qatar Embassy.

Postal address: Private mailbox 66 Ministries, Ridge.

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Website Of Qatar High Commission In Ghana

Visiting the Qatar Embassy website comes with a lot of benefits.

You don’t have to be stranded when looking for any information concerning the embassy.

Even if you are not conversant with stuff like that, you can seek the assistance of someone, and within minutes you will get all the information you need.

We have done our best to provide you with a link to visit their website, so you don’t worry about its authenticity.

You can visit their Qatar Embassy in Ghana website using the web address below.


Note: you will see links to many countries on the website look for Ghana and click on it, and you will be taken to the section of the embassy in Ghana.

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