Switzerland Embassy In Ghana – Switzerland High Commission, Accra

Today, we have a fascinating article about the Switzerland Embassy in Ghana for you, so stay tuned.

Ghana holds an excellent relationship with Switzerland over a couple of years now. That has resulted in the Embassy of Switzerland in Ghana.

The relations between the two countries have seen a significant impact on the economic growth of Ghana.

Due to the relationships between them, it called for Switzerland to have representation and hence the Swiss High Commission in Ghana.

What more, the Swiss Embassy has a responsibility to represent the interest of the Switzerland government in Ghana, covering all matters concerning diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Also, they are mandated to seek the safety of every Swiss citizen living in Ghana, as well as offering consular services to citizens of both countries.

In today’s article, we are going to give you details about the Swiss Embassy in Ghana. Are you looking for where it is located?

Maybe you want to know their address, email telephone number, or you need information about their consular services?

You are welcome to the right place, keep reading, we will give you every information you need.

Who Is The Switzerland Ambassador To Ghana

However, Philip Stalder is the ambassador to the Swiss Embassy in Ghana. He has promised the general public that he and his other staff are committed to their work.

Also, he added that they would do everything within their capacity to serve accordingly.

Reading our introduction alone has given you some notion, but the fascinating part is yet to commence.

In other not to waste much of your precious time, jump onto the next section and find out how you can locate the embassy.

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Where Is The Switzerland Diplomatic Mission In Ghana Located

It is undeniable Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has hosted much diplomatic mission, and similarly, the Switzerland Diplomatic Mission  in Ghana is located in Accra as well.

In other words, the Switzerland Diplomatic Mission in Ghana can be found in Accra. Moreover, if you want to visit the embassy, you should contact them before you go.

Several sections are withing the embassy, of which each is entitled to a specific task, so contacting them will give you clues as to which department is responsible for your query.

Directions To The Swiss Embassy In Accra

You can follow the directions below to locate the Swiss Embassy in Accra, and as we always say, this is per our readings from the map and may have some little lapses, so take note.

When coming along the Hila Limann Highway, form the Atlantis radio station, the Swiss Embassy in Ghana is located on the left side of the highway after Amber Apartments.

Address Of The Swiss High Commission In Accra

If the directions above did not help you, then you can use their physical address to find the embassy.

Here is the address of the Switzerland Embassy in Ghana

Street address: Hilla Limann Hwy /Kenneth Kaunda Road North Ridge Area, Accra

Embassies mostly receive tons of inquiries from people every day, and someone may ash how do they manage to respond to all those? Yes, it is very tricky.

They have that skill in place, and if you want to know, then move onto the next section so we can show you how.

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Contacts Of Switzerland Embassy In Ghana

There are various options provided by the Switzerland High Commission with which you can contact them.

Due to security reasons, we always advise you to make sure before you contact them to see to it that it is their official contact.

But how do you know if it is their correct contact details?

Embassycare.com is always there to serve you, and we have done our best to fish out all the correct contact details available through which you can contact the embassy.

It is, therefore, your responsibility to choose one which you are conversant to use.

Telephone Numbers of the Swiss Embassy In Accra

Contacts Switzerland Embassy  Ghana
Contacts The Switzerland Embassy In Ghana

Here are the Telephone numbers of the Switzerland Embassy in Ghana, if you want to call them.

Telephone : +233 30 222 81 25   or  +233 30 222 81 85

You can send an email to the Switzerland Embassy in Ghana, that is their official email address below.

Email: accra@eda.admin.ch

Another option is you can write a letter to the embassy. This is their postal address.

Postal address: Post Office Box 359 GPO, Accra

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 Switzerland Consulate in Ghana

Is there is a Consulate of Switzerland in Ghana? Yes, Switzerland has a consulate in Ghana located in the capital city, Accra.

The consular section of the Swiss Embassy takes charge of all consular duties, including visa application, passport, notarial services, etc.

If you have any Switzerland visa-related query, you can direct it to the consular section at the embassy.

The consular section is opened from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 1:00 am.

We advise to always contact them before you can proceed with anything. It is better to deal directly with the consular to prevent yourself from being misinformed.

The visa section at the Swiss High Commission in Ghana is opens from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 11:00 am except Tuesday, which is closed.

For all visa related issues, you can contact the Visa Section at the consular through their email address.

Here is the email address of the Switzerland visa center in Ghana.

Visa section: accra.visa@eda.admin.ch

The Switzerland High Commission In Ghana Website

There is a lot of relevant information on the embassy’s website, which will guide you on how to deal with every situation about the embassy.

You can find every detailed information on all visa-related issues that you want.

The visa information on the website includes visa application, requirements, the process of application, consular, and many more.

Below is the web address to the website of the Switzerland Embassy in Ghana.

Website: www.eda.admin.ch/accra

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