Egypt Embassy In Ghana – Location Of Egyptian High Commission In Accra

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Egypt, the northern African country, is one of the giant Arabic countries in Africa. In terms of development, it is not a surprise the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana has made such a huge impact.

However, being ranked as a country with one of the best economies in Africa, it does not come by as a fluke, and it shows how far they have come.

Egypt has relations with many African countries. Therefore,they have been able to establish trade and investment agreements with those countries.

Ghana, being touted as one of the fastest-growing economies in West Africa, also has relations with Egypt. That is why the Egyptian high commission in Ghana was set up.

However, reading this article suggests you need some information about the Embassy of Egypt in Ghana.

We are here to give you all that. Our hard-working team has managed to fetch all that information for you.

Moreover, our primary focus is the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana. At the end of the article, you will know almost all the relevant information about the embassy.

Besides, we’ll give you the in-demand information about the embassy, including their contact, address, location in Accra, and many more.

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Where Is The Egypt Embassy In Ghana Located

Are you one of the many stranded people out there struggling to locate the Egyptian Embassy in Accra?

Then your quest is a legit one, as many others are having complications about this same issue. Today, we have a piece of good news for you. Just sit back and enjoy it.

The Egypt High Commission in Ghana can be found within Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Accra is a bit city, and due to the many landmarks in the town, it makes looking for a location very easy.

Directions To The Embassy Of Egypt In Accra

If you are looking for the Egypt Embassy in Accra, you can use the direction below.

The embassy of Egypt in Ghana can be located along the Senchi road close to the Zeepay head office.

Finding the embassy does not come under any stress, and you don’t even need to be a native in Accra before you can locate them.

Furthermore, to give you more gist, the Egypt Embassy is close to GLICO Airport Branch, GHL Bank, and La Chumiere French all behind the embassy.

Address Of The Egyptian High Commission Office In Accra

If the direction above is not enough, you use the street address below to find the embassy.

Street address: 38 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra

Now that you know the location of the embassy, you don’t visit them like the second coming of Jesus. That is why it is advisable to call them before you go there.

Read in the next section and find out thy easiest way you can contact the embassy for a fast response.

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How To Contact The Egypt Embassy In Ghana

Do you want to contact the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana? And for what reason? Oh, maybe you need some consular services? But do you know which way to get a faster response?.

If you have read the post to this section then, we advise you to pay much attention here.

However, as we have said earlier, the Egyptian Embassy has well-committed stuff that takes customer service as their number one priority.

Hence, they have provided various options through which customers can use to reach them. Our team at has managed to fetch for you.

I mean all the contact details of the embassy.You are therefore to choose which option best suits you.

Contacts Egypt Embassy Ghana
Official Contact Details Of The Egyptian Embassy In Ghana

If you want to call the Egypt Embassy in Ghana, call this phone number.

Telephone : +233 21776854  or +233 21776795

You can send them a Fax, and this is their Fax number.

Fax :+233 21777579

Maybe you prefer email.  We recommend you use email often since it offers faster response than others.Here is the email address of the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Egypt Visa Application In Ghana

We have given some straightforward answers to some of the questions battling most of our readers about Egypt visa in Ghana.

We have a comprehensive guide on how to apply for an Egypt visa in Ghana, coming soon.

Do Ghanaians Need A Visa To Egypt

Yes, Ghanaian citizens require Visa to visit Egypt. You are therefore advised to visit the Egyptian Embassy to make an application.

How Do I Get Visa To Egypt

If you want to get a visa to Egypt, all you need is, visit the nearest Egyptian Embassy and make a visa application. You must make sure you provide the necessary documents, and they must be a valid one.

How Much Is Egypt Visa Fee

Egyptian visa fees are not fixed, and it depends on the type of visa you require. The type of visa will depend on your purpose of going to Egypt.

Finally, you already know a lot about the Egyptian Embassy in Ghana.

You now know how you can contact them and where they can be found in Accra. But is that all the information you need? Certainly not.

What if you want to know how you can apply for a visa?

Yes, that is why you have to visit their website. In the next, we will give you the web address to visit the embassy’s website.

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The Egypt Embassy In Ghana Website

Need an urgent visa?

Contacting the embassy alone is not enough. Do you even know the requirement for an Egyptian visa? Maybe you want the Egyptian visa form?

These are the many reasons why you need to visit the official website of the embassy.

You don’t need a laptop to visit their website as you can use any smartphone which has internet access to visit the site.

Here is the web address to visit the embassy of Egypt Embassy in Ghana website.


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