South Africa Embassy In Kenya – Embassy Location And Contact Address

In today’s article, brings you details about the South Africa embassy in Kenya.

We will do our best to make available all the detailed information you need about the embassy, including their address, contact details, location, etc.

Today, one of the most prominent government institutions that are on a higher demand is embassies.

I know you agree with me on that.

Most countries setup embassies as a result of their foreign policies, whereas it has a core mandate to serve the general public in terms of immigration affairs.

Traveling from one country to another is all made possible by embassies, and it is one key role to offer opportunities to nationals across the globe.

However, the South African High Commission in Kenya, was set up to promote and represent the interest of the South African Government in Kenya.

Many other citizens of Kenya has traveled to South Africa to partake in many aspects, including studying, business, working, and many more.

You can see that the land of South Africa is full of opportunities.

Yes, South Africa has one of the biggest economies in Africa.This tells you the benefits available to the Kenyan Government through their bilateral relationship.

It is always good to know how things originate, and hence our introduction.

But we are not here to bore you with history, So lets us move onto the next section to know where the embassy is located.

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Where Is The South Africa Embassy Located In Kenya

Are you wondering where to find the South African Embassy in Kenya?

You don’t need to worry.

It is just a walk in the park, but if you have been continuously reading the embassy guidelines on our website, you might have an idea.

National capitals traditionally host foreign missions, and that is why the Embassy of South Africa is located in Nairobi.

However, just like any other government institution, embassies operate within specific times, and you must always take note of that.

The working hours of the South Embassy Embassy in Kenya are from Monday to Friday.

It is vital always to contact the SA High Commission before you visit them, to know the exact hours their embassy opens.

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Direction To The South African High Commission In Nairobi

You can use the directions below to find the embassy in Nairobi quickly.

The South African Embassy is can found along Lenana Road after Zen Red Salon and Spa Nairobi. Opposite Lenana Suites is the embassy.

Snowtech Electronics, Everpeace Investments, Healthwise, etc. are all landmarks close to the High Commission along the Lenana Road.

Address Of The South African Embassy In Nairobi

Was that helpful to you?

If not, you can use their street address below to locate the embassy in Kenya.

Address: South Africa High Commission, 3rd Floor. Roshanmaer Place 00100, Lenana Road, Nairobi.

Sometimes it is very frustrating when you need quick information from the embassy, but you are far away.

That is the reason why you need to have the contact details of the embassy.

You must head over to the next section to know about how you can contact the embassy.

What Are The Contact Details Of The South Africa Embassy In Kenya

The South African Embassy receives tons of calls every day due to the high demand of people inquiring about visa applications.

Due to that, contacting the embassy through phone calls was very tough and confusing.

The annoyance involved in reaching them almost became unbearable. If you had such an experience, do not worry.

Today we have good news for you.

The South African embassy has provided numerous options through which you can use to contact them, and this has made the response from the embassy become faster.

Here at EmbassyCare, we have managed to fetch all their contact details for you, so feel free to contact them with any of their contact information that best suits you.

Contacts South Africa Embassy Ghana
Official contact details of the South African High Commission in Ghana

Contact The Embassy On This Phone Number

Here is the telephone number of the South African embassy:

Telephone : + 254 709 127 000

Here is Their Email Address

You can send them an email on their email address below.


The Postal Address

If you want to write a letter to the embassy, this is their postal address.

Postal address: Post Office Box 42441, Nairobi, 00100, Republic of Kenya.

We recommend that for a fast response, you can always use email or call them on phone.

The next section is even more exciting, and we know you need it.

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South African Visa Application In Kenya

Are you looking for how to apply for South African visa in Kenya?. If that is what you seek, then you don’t have to worry, I will show you how.

Sometimes people think they are incapable of applying for a visa on their own, but that is a horrible thought. Visa application is not something that gives respect to qualification, so we are all equal in the same pot.

However, before you do this, you must contact the embassy for details, including visa fees, visa requirements, and how you can get their visa form.

Once you have all this information, tell me if it is difficult to do everything on your own.

You can contact the South African Embassy through their email address below for all issues relating to immigration.

Visa inquiries:

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Website Of Embassy Of South Africa In Kenya

For further information, it is imperative if you can visit the official website of the South Africa Embassy in Kenya.

Here is the web address to their website:

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