How To Increase Your Transfer Limit With Firstbank In Nigeria

Your challenge with the services of FirstBank might be the transfer limit of your account, then today’s guide will enlighten you with detailed information on how you can increase your transfer limit FirstBank.

So, it will be in your interest to read till the end of this guide to help apprehend every piece of information shared about FirstBank and its transfer limit.

How worrying it becomes when there’s an emergency that requires you to transfer money to provide a solution.

Sometimes providing the solution becomes impossible when the transfer limit of your bank doesn’t allow you to make such a transaction with a day.

Then, the only option left is to rush to the nearest branch of your bank and transfer the money since transfers performed at the bank premises have no limitation.

Unfortunately, sometimes customers find themselves in difficult locations to locate a branch of their banks, and money transfer has to halt till a new day.

So, the best option left for customers is to make inquiries on increasing their FirstBank transfer limit.

If you are ready to dive deep into finding how you can increase your FirstBank transfer limit, then let’s proceed with some more detailed discussion.

What Is FirstBank Transfer Limit

FirstBank transfer limit is the limit set by FirstBank on its online banking and mobile banking services.

The FirstBank transfer limit prevents customers from transferring funds that exceed the maximum amount of transfer for such an account.

Who Can Increase Their FirstBank Transfer Limit

Every individual account holder of FirstBank who is enrolled on FirstBank USSD banking service stands a chance to request an increase of their account transfer limit.

Customers enrolled on the FirstBank USSD banking can increase their account transfer limit, but customers enrolled on the bank’s online and mobile app banking can also upgrade their transfer limit.

Requirements To Expand Your FirstBank Transfer Limit

The list below is the basic requirements that have to be provided to help increase your FirstBank Nigeria transfer limit:

1. Active FirstBank account

2. Bank account documents

3. Personal ID card (international passport or driver’s license)

How Do I Increase My Transfer Limit FirstBank

Follow the steps below to increase your FirstBank transfer limit:

1. Grab your FirstBank account documents

2. Ensure that you have your ID card (international passport or driver’s license) with you to prove your identity at the bank premises

3. Visit any nearest branch of FirstBank Nigeria

4. Explain your purpose at the bank with the customer assistant representative to direct you to the right teller

5. At the teller’s end, hand over your documents and explain your request to expand your FirstBank account transfer limit

6. Your request will be processed, and your transfer limit will be upgraded

How Can I Unblock My FirstBank Account

When you want to reactivate your FirstBank account, you’ll first have to provide your bank account documents with a legal ID card to prove your identity.

You’ll have to provide an application letter that clearly states your request to reactivate your account.

Then, visit any nearest FirstBank Nigeria branch and request your account reactivation process.

FirstBank will process your request, and your bank account will be unlocked with the necessary changes made to ensure your account is safe.

That is the information we can provide to help you expand your transfer limit, FirstBank.

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