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How Did Finland have an Embassy In Kenya

Finland and Kenya have maintained a stable relationship for quite a long time, and this is as a result of the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Kenya is fast developing, and as they seem to conquer Eastern Africa more quickly, they are always dedicated to strengthening their foreign relations.

Therefore, their relationship with Finland is not just for relation’s sake, but to keep their backing formidable.

As a result of this relation, Kenya enjoys a lot of benefits, and it is not a surprise to see its economy in such a steep uptrend.

Significantly, they have managed to improve the country’s development in all sectors. You can talk about education, health, agriculture, tourism and many more.

Kenya is fast growing and they indeed deserve it.

However, the Finland Diplomatic Mission in Kenya is the sole representative of the Finland Government in Kenya.

One of their core aims is to promote the bilateral relations with Kenya and also seek the safety of all Finnish living in Kenya.

There is more we can talk about Finland and Kenya, but we not here to bore you with relations.

In other not to waste much of your precious time, let us find out in the next section where the Finland Embassy can be found.

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Location Of The Finland Embassy In Kenya

If you are a regular reader of our embassy guidelines, you will notice that embassies are mostly located in the capital cities.

In Kenya, Nairobi is the capital city, and therefore if you are looking for the Finland Embassy in Kenya, it can be found in Nairobi.

Besides, the embassy is situated within a famous area within Nairobi, and that makes it very easy to find.

When it comes to visiting embassies, people are often intimidated due to some strict attitude of the diplomat at embassies.

Moreover, in the case of the Finland Embassy in Nairobi, it is different, the staff at the embassy are amiable, and they pay serious attention to detail.

It is vital always to call the embassy before you visit them.

Please take note that, the Finland and Embassy in Nairobi operate from Mondays to Fridays, and their office hours are between 7:45 am to 4:00 pm.

If you are looking for the Finland Diplomatic Mission in Kenya, follow the directions below.

Direction To The Finland High Commission Office In Nairobi

Maple Court is a very popular landmark in Kenya, and it will make your journey more comfortable if you start from there.

If you are coming from Maple Court towards Capital Club East Africa along the Westlands Road, take a left turn after Capital Club East Africa and go straight.

A few minutes after Try my Thai Restaurant, turn right on the junction going to Geopol/Mobile Accord Nairobi.

The Finland Embassy can be found in between Eden square Complex building and Geopoll/Mobile Accord.

Also, if the direction above is not enough for you, you can use the street address of the embassy even to locate them.

Address To The Finland High Commission Office In Nairobi

Here is the address of the Embassy of Finland in Kenya.

Address: Eden Square, Block 3, 6th Floor, Greenway Lane (Off Westlands Rd.) 00100 Nairobi Kenya

Now you know where and how to locate the embassy. So, let’s move onto the next aspect and find out how you can contact the Finland Embassy.

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Contacts Of The Finland Diplomatic Mission In Kenya

Have you been very frustrated calling the Finland Embassy?

Or you want to know how you can contact them.

Well, we have received tons of messages in our inbox about the frustration people go through when contacting the Finland Embassy.

As a result, our team decided to research that, and our findings proved most of these people were using the wrong contact details.

Besides, we are all aware of the numerous bad nut among us and the massive fraud issues people always have to deal with when it comes to problems with Finland’s visa.

In response to that, we have gathered all the correct contact details of the Embassy of Finland for you.

So you can feel free and use any of them that best suits you.

Remember, you have a lot of options available, including phone numbers,emails, postal addresses, and fax.

Here are the contact details of the Finnish Embassy in Nairobi.

Telephone Number Of The Finland Diplomatic Mission In Kenya

If you want to call the Finland Embassy in Kenya, this is their phone number.

Telephone: +254 203 750 721

This is the email address of the Finland Embassy in Kenya below.


There is an option to use their postal address if you want to write a letter to the Finland Embassy.

Here is the official postal address of the Embassy  of Finland in Kenya.

Postal address: Post Office Box 2206, 00606 Nairobi,Kenya.

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Finland Diplomatic Mission in Kenya on Social Media

It will be useful if you can follow the embassy on social media to track all their activities.

Use the link below to follow the official Facebook page of Finland  High Commission in Kenya.


Click this link to Follow Finland Embassy on Twitter.


Furthermore, if you need information about the consulate of Finland, Kenya, keep reading.

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Finland Consulate in Kenya.

Does Finland have Consulate in Kenya? Yes, Finland has a Consulate in Kenya located it Mombasa.

Interestingly, that is good news if you stay in Mombasa because you don’t need to travel to Nairobi for any assistance from the embassy.

Salim Bajaber is the Honorary Consul of the Finland Consulate in Mombasa. Use the address below to locate the Consular of Finland in Mombasa.

Address: Machakos Street, Aryan Plaza, 2nd floor, office no. 6, Mombasa, Kenya.

Phone Number Of The Finland Consulate In Mombasa

If you want to contact the Consulate of Finland in Mombasa, call any of their phone numbers below.

Telephone: +254 774 412 525, or +254 775 412 525
Below is the email address for the Finland consulate in Mombasa.


You can write a letter to the Consulate Mombasa, that is their postal address.

Postal address: Post Office Box 99976 – 80107, Mombasa, Kenya.

For all emergency cases, specifically about Finnish citizens, you can call the Consular emergency helpline.

Emergency: +358 9 160 55555

Don’t forget that Finland citizens living in Kenya can contact the consular section at the embassy for all passport and legalization issues.

Send inquiries for passport and legalization inquiries to the email address below:


We have very detailed information for you about Finland’s visa application. Find out in the next section.

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Finland Visa Application Center in Nairobi

Are you looking for how you can apply for a Finland visa in Kenya?

Then you have come to the right place. The Finland High Commission in Kenya does not handle visa applications for Finland in Kenya.

They have authorized a third party company called VFS global to deal with applications for anyone who needs a Finland visa. Besides, this should not be new to you.

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VFS Global Finland In Kenya

VFS Global is a reputable company that deals with visa applications for most embassies across the world.

In this case, if you want to apply for a Finland visa, it so very simple. You can use their contact information below and make any inquiries you need.

If you are looking for the VFS Global Finland Kenya, this is their address.

Address: 5th floor, Park Field Building, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way, Opposite Safaricom House, Westlands, Nairobi

Phone Number Of VFS Global Finland In Kenya

You can call VFS Global Finland Kenya on this phone number.

Telephone: +254205 147909

Before you think of applying for a visa, you must make some inquiries, and the best way to do that with the Embassy of Finland is through email.

So, you can make all visa inquiries through email. Here is the email address of VFS Global Finland in Kenya.


Also, if you want to visit the official website for VFS Global Kenya, then you must use the web address below.


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Website Of Finland High Commission In Kenya

Furthermore, for more information about the Finland Embassy, you should visit their website.

There is everything you need about the embassy on the website, including visa application, consular services passport, and many others.

Here is the web address to visit the website of the Finland Embassy in Kenya.


Finally, it has been a captivating journey, congratulations if you have read the article to the end.

We will do our best to keep updating the information in this post. So, we implore you always to come around and find out if there has been any new information added.

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