Belgium Embassy In Nigeria : Location, Phone Numbers, Visa Application

Today the Belgium Embassy in Nigeria is in focus, and we have all detailed information about the embassy for you.

Belgium is one of the famous countries across the Africa continent.

That is due to their numerous foreign mission on the African continent, such as the Belgium Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the Belgium High Commission is one of the diplomatic missions that has seen a higher rate of citizens crossing over to each country for business and many other purposes.

Moreover, you can not talk about Nigeria’s development without mentioning the instrumental role their foreign relations have played.

Their bilateral ties keep growing, and now every country wants to have a bond with Nigeria.

Over the years, Belgium has aided many Africa countries through education, finance, and many others.

However, the Belgium High Commission in Nigeria is the representative of the Belgium Government in Nigeria. So they are mandated to seek and assist every citizen of Belgium living in Nigeria.

The embassy has a consular section that takes charge of all consular-related issues, including passports, visa applications, document legalization, and notarial services.

The team at EmbassyCare welcomes you once again. Our featured topic for today’s article has already announced itself in our introduction.

And one more time we are going to give you more details about the Embassy of Belgium in Nigeria.

You can read in the next section to know where you can locate the embassy.

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Location Of The Belgium Embassy In Nigeria

The Embassy of Belgium in Nigeria is located in Abuja, within a very trendy area. You will be amazed at the hospitable reception at the embassy, security, and their eloquent diplomat.

The staff at the embassy pay attention to detail and serves everyone equally with no respect for class, and that is a plus for the embassy.

Often, people always go to embassies without more information on the specific reason they went there. When that happens, you are only going to be left frustrated.

That is why you should know the working hours of the embassy.

The embassy operates within the week from Monday to Thursday, and the working hours of the Belgium Embassy in Nigeria are between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, but on Fridays from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Take note that if you are going to the embassy for a deposit on documents, you can only go there from Tuesdays to Thursdays between 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

For the collection of documents, you can go there from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Directions To The Embassy Of BelgiumĀ In Abuja

You can follow the directions below to located the Belgium Embassy in Abuja.

Along the Gana Street after Vila Picasso Hotels, take a left turn onto Usuma Street and follow the road straight towards E’ls Kitchen and Restaurant.

The Belgium Embassy is located along the Usuma Sreet behind the European Union Office.

Notable landmarks close to the embassy include the Embassy of Lebanon, Soul Place Surgery, etc.

Address Of The Belgium Embassy in Abuja

If that did not help, you could use their street address below to locate the embassy. Here is the address of the Belgium High Commission in Nigeria.

Street address: 9, Usama Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

Read in the next chapter to know how you can contact the embassy.

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The Belgian Embassy In Nigeria Contact Details

Due to the numerous queries received by the embassy every day, they have provided different options you can use to contact them.

It is no more only through phone calls, which takes you hours for your call to go through.

Additional contact options include email and phone numbers.

Contacts Embassy Of Belgium Nigeria
Easy Guide To Contact The Belgium Embassy In Nigeria Easily

Phone Number Of Belgium High Commission In Nigeria

If you want to call the Belgium Embassy in Nigeria, this is their telephone number.

Telephone : +234 803 301 68 22

Here is the email address of the Belgian High Commission in Nigeria.


If you are a Belgian living in Nigeria, you can call the embassy in case of an emergency. This is the emergency phone number of the embassy of Belgium in Nigeria.

Emergency number : +234 803 8841003

Do you want to apply for a Belgium visa? Maybe you want to know their visa requirements or fee.

Then head onto the next section, I will show you where you will get answers to all the questions.

Belgian Consulate In Nigeria

The Embassy of Belgium in Abuja has a consulate and visa section you can contact if you need any assistance on issues concerning visa application.

Applying for a visa is not something you need to hire anyone. Most people always put too much trust in others, and when they fail, you eventually lose out big time.

You need to know that if anyone wants to get you a visa from the embassy, he is going to use the conventional means.

So why can’t you do it yourself? Do not allow anyone to gets you a visa on your behalf. Always go to the embassy for all the information about the visa.

Make sure you get all the relevant details you need, including visa requirements, visa fees, and the visa form.

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Contact Of The Belgium Visa Application Center In Nigeria

You can contact the visa section only through email.

This is the email address of the Visa Section at the Belgium embassy in Nigeria.

Email address:

Please take note that information about visa is only obtained through email, so if you call them on the phone, you are not going to get what you seek.

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Website Of The Belgium High Commission In Nigeria

For further information about the embassy, you must visit their official website.

You will get details about consular services and visa application procedures on the website.

It is imperative to have a piece of first-hand information about their services before you apply for it, and there are detailed guidelines on how you can apply for any of their services on the site.

It has an exquisite interface, and navigation is very smooth. Here is the web address to the official website of the Belgium Embassy in Nigeria.

Website :

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