Angola Embassy In Ghana : Contact Address, Angola Visa Application

In today’s article, it is going to be very intriguing, and our primary focus is the Angola Embassy in Ghana.

Angola is one country on the African continent that is always involved in international affairs. 

As a result, they have set up many foreign missions across the continent, such as the Angola Embassy in Ghana. 

Most people have always thought embassies are set up only to issues visas to travelers for immigration purposes, but it is far from that. 

You will agree with me that every country needs aid no matter how developed they are, due to that they have relations with other countries.

However, the Angola High Commission in Ghana supervises all communications between Ghana and Angola. 

They also handle trade and investment programs that their country has with Ghana. 

Who Is The Ambassador Of The Angolan Embassy In Ghana

His Excellency Almirante Augusto Da Silva Cunha is the ambassador and head of mission to the Angola High Commission in Ghana.

It is undeniable that his effort has made some great improvement in the affairs of the embassy.

He is very committed to his work and that has had a great impact of the administration at the Chancery.

Aside from foreign relations, another opportunity that is always in the interest of the public is immigration. 

In today’s article, our main objective is about the Angolan Embassy in Ghana, and we welcome you once again to

As usual, all we do here is to give you detailed information about embassies. So, if all is set, let us proceed. 

Are you an Angolan or native citizen in Ghana. Do you want to know more about the Angolan embassy in Ghana? 

Well, we have received a lot of requests from many people who are wanting to know their location, contact, address, and consular information about the embassy. 

If you are one of these people, then welcome to the good news. We have all that information. 

Read the next section to know about how you can locate the embassy.

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Where Is The Angolan High Commission In Ghana Located

As we all know embassies, are traditionally located in capital cities, and the Angolan embassy is not an exception. It is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. 

Do you need urgent assistance from the embassy and want to visit them? But which section of the embassy is responsible for assisting you? 

And what is the right time you can even visit that section? We have all the answers here, and you will know that soon. 

The Angolan embassy operates from Monday to Friday within the week between the working hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

 It is vital always to call the embassy before you visit them. 

Directions To Angola Embassy In Accra

If you are looking for the embassy of the Republic of Angola in Ghana,then follow the directions below.

Coming from the Nyaho Medical center along the Kofi Annan Street, go straight to Gold Coast, opposite Glambyfits. 

Take a right turn onto the Agbaamo street. At this spot, you are a few minutes away from the Angolan embassy. 

The embassy of Angola is can be found on your right side of the Agbaamo street going towards Vickey’s Big fish restaurant. 

To give you more gist, Ernest Chemist Airport Residential Area 2, Sandvik, Swimming Pool, Vickey’s Big Fish Restaurant are Notable landmarks close to the Angolan Embassy in Accra.

Address Of The Angolan Embassy In Accra

If that direction is not enough for you, then use the street address below to locate the embassy. 

Street address: No.5 Agbaamo Street, Airport West, Residential Area, Accra. 

What more, it is good you now know the location of the embassy, but do you think knowing their location alone gives you an answer to your quest? 

Obviously, not, so what is missing here? As we all know, contacting the embassy should be the first approach you can use to gather the necessary information. 

Read below to see how you can contact the embassy.

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How To Contact The Angola Embassy In Ghana

Are you one of the many people who have had unsuccessful attempts trying to contact the Angolan Embassy in Ghana? 

Then you have not done something right. If you want to contact the embassy, it is not like calling a friend on the phone. 

You might know when to call your friend and when not to call, but what about the embassy? Did you call them any time of your choice? Then that is wrong. 

To get a fast response, always contact the embassy during their working hours, as stated above. 

The Angolan embassy has provided many options through which you can use to contact them, we have made an effort to collect all of them here for you. 

It is your responsibility to use one with which you are conversant. 

Contacts Angola Embassy Ghana
Right Way To Reach The Angola Embassy In Ghana Within Minutes

Phone Number Of The High Commission Of Angola In Ghana

If you want to call the Angola Embassy in Ghana, call them on this phone number. 

Telephone : +233 0302 766 477

You send them Fax message on any of the numbers below.

Fax : +233 0302 775 791, or +233 0302 963 491 

To those who want to contact the embassy through email. Here is the official email address of the Angola Embassy in Ghana 


Another option is to write a letter to the embassy, and we have provided their private mailbox address below. 

Postal address: Private mailbox 87 cantonments, Accra.

To contact the embassy, you must have a reason. Are you Angolan citizen living in Ghana who needs assistance? 

Or are you a native Ghanaian seeking to apply for a visa to Angola? Then you might need the services of the consular section at the embassy. 

Read to know more about their consulate in the next section.

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Angola Consulate in Ghana

Most embassies offer consular services, and the Angolan embassy in Ghana also does the same. 

They provide consular assistance to both their citizens living in Ghana as well as any non-citizens. The consular section operates from Mondays to Fridays throughout the week. 

There has been a lot of positive feedback about their consular services, so you don’t need to worry. 

You can use the following contact details provided below to contact the consular at the Angolan embassy in Ghana. 


Telephone: +233 0302766 554

Angola Visa For Ghanaians

If you want to apply for an Angola visa in Ghana, you must write a letter to apply. 

Please, take note that for the application of Angola visa, your letter of appeal must be in Portuguese.

You can send your visa application to the Consular Section at the Angolan Embassy in Ghana.

For any inquiries about Angola visa in Ghana, send them an email through the email address below.


For all visa related issues, the consular takes charge, but knowing all these, Do you know what is required of you to apply for a visa? 

How much is even their visa fee? These are some of the many reasons why you need to visit the Angolan embassy website. 

Read in the next section to know their official website.

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Angolan Embassy In Ghana Website 

It is imperative to visit the embassy’s website, especially to people who want to apply for a visa or need guidelines on how to file their application.

The site has a charming design and smooth navigation. There is an extensive information about the embassy on their website.

Also, you can get guidelines on how to apply for any o their services.

You can use the web address provided below to reach the Angola embassy website. 


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