Spain Embassy In Nigeria – Consulate General Of Spain In Nigeria

Today, in this article, brings you all the details you need to know about the Spain Embassy in Nigeria.

I assume if you are reading this article, you are interested to know about their location, address, contact, and maybe Consulate office.

However, we have got every information in detail, and you are at the right source. In other not to waste much of your precious time, let us begin.

The High Commission of Spain is the representative of the Spanish Government in Nigeria. It is their responsibility to promote trade and investment between Spain and Nigeria.

Over the years, foreign relation has played a significant role in the Nigerian economic progress, and it has also presented many opportunities to its citizens.

That is why a lot of Nigerian citizens have traveled overseas.

The Consulate General of Spain in Nigeria offers services such as passport issuance, visa application, document legalization, and notarial services.

The Embassy focuses on serving the general public and has ensured all individuals exercise their rights. The Spanish Consulate is there for the people.

Therefore don’t hesitate to call upon them at any time should you need their assistance.

Now that we have known a little about the Consulate of Spain in Nigeria lets us find out in the next section where we can locate the Spanish Embassy.

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Where Is The Spain Embassy In Nigeria Located

In the previous post, we have seen that many of the foreign missions are usually located in the capital cities.

But in the case of the Consulate General of Spain in Nigeria,the embassy is located in Lagos.

Besides, Lagos is not a small town, do not forget it was a formal capital city of Nigeria, so it makes sense the Spanish Consulate in Nigeria can be found there.

Locating the Spanish Embassy does not come under any stress because it is situated in a well-know area in Lagos.

Even people who are visiting Nigeria for the first time should not have had difficulties in finding it.

You ate not to be worried about security at the Embassy, have well-enhanced protection at their chancery.

Their car parking lot is a plus, as there is a spacious place you can park your car.

Going to the embassy the first thing you must do is to call them for more information, based on what you are going to do at there.

They have a different department, of which each has a specific task.

So calling them before you go there, will do you a favor to know which section is responsible for your query.

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Directions To The Consulate General Of Spain In Nigeria

Follow the directions below to find the Spain Consulate in Nigeria.

The Spanish Embassy is located along Kofo Abayomi Street, close to the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and opposite the Metropolitan Club.

For more gist, Kavan Dinner Restaurant, and Candy Patisserie & Bakery Eti-Os Lagos restaurant are landmarks close to the consulate

Address Of The Spanish High Commission In Lagos

Don’t be disappointed if that direction is not enough for you. You can use their Physical address below to locate the consulate

Here is the address of the Spain Consulate in Nigeria

Street address: 21C Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

You now know how you can find the embassy’s office, which is very important.

Therefore take note that you will always get all details you need before you proceeds.

You can also read in the next section if you want to know about how you can contact the Embassy and their contact details.

Contact Details Of The Spanish High Commission In Nigeria

Are you a resident in Nigeria or a foreign national looking for the Spanish Embassy in Nigeria?

Well, welcome to the, your most authentic and detailed source of embassy information.

We will show you the easiest way to contact the embassy for a fast response.

Due to security reasons, the Spanish Embassy has made available its official contact information to the general public.

After numerous report of fraud cases.

So anytime you are contacting the Embassy, make sure you have their official contact information, and even if that is difficult for you, bookmark this site for future reference.

You write a letter, call their telephone number, or send them an email, and all these are options available you can use to contact the Spanish Embassy.

We have provided all those details, and you can choose one which best suits you and contact them.

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Phone Numbers Of Spanish Consulate In Nigeria

If you want to call the Spanish Embassy in Nigeria, here are their telephone numbers

Telephone : +234 01 280 54 88, +234 01 277 03 00 or +234 01 277 16 08,

If you want to send them a fax message, that is their Fax number below.

Fax: +234 01 277 16 06

Contacting them through email is a good option for fast response, here is their official email address.


If you are going to the Consulate for the legalization of documents, you can send them an email through the email address below.

Legalization email:

Are you looking for the Visa center of the Spain embassy in Nigeria? Or maybe you need their visa form.

If that is your quest, then you can send an email to the visa section at the consulate, and you will have all that information available.

Here is the email address for the Spanish Visa Center in Nigeria.

Visa queries:

Website Of The Spain Embassy Website In Nigeria

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We hope this information has been beneficial. If you still need more details on the Spanish Embassy, then you must visit their official website.

The website has every detailed information available. There are detailed guidelines on how you can apply for any of their consular services.

It has a smooth interface and is a navigation friendly. You do not have to worry about yourself, any device with an internet connection can visit the Spanish website.

Here is the website of the Spain Embassy in Nigeria.


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