Morocco Embassy In Ghana – How To Locate The Moroccan Embassy In Accra

Morocco Embassy in Ghana is our focus in this article if you are interested, stay tuned.

Countries in Africa have mounted a platform of unity among each other. That has enabled many of them to have foreign missions in sister countries.

Hence the Morocco High Commission in Ghana. Such unity is always good for nation-building.

Today we have seen a lot of significance most African countries enjoy from such relations.

Morocco is one country on the African continent, who has spearheaded in terms of development.

As a result, their economic prowess is one of a kind.

Morocco has been involved in significant bidding wars with countries such as Mexico and the United States on the international stage.

That shows their capacity.

There is more to talk about Morocco, but our focus today is its embassy in Ghana.

Who Is The Current Ambassador To The Moroccan Embassy In Ghana

The chief of mission who also serves as the ambassador to the Embassy of Morocco to Ghana is Mme. Imane Ouaadil.

We have got more about the Moroccan Embassy in Ghana for you.

Are you one of those who are seeking some information about the Moroccan High Commission in Ghana?

Well, you may have heard about their location in Accra, but do you know the exact place to find them?

We are here with answers to all those questions.

Therefore, without wasting much of your precious time, let us begin.

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Where Is The Embassy Of Morocco In Ghana Located

Although you might have heard about the Morocco embassy in Accra, such a notion alone is not enough to find them.

Besides, Accra is a vast city, and you need more details to ease the stress that is involved in finding a location.

However, because it is located in an open and conducive environment, that makes it easily identifiable.

Directions To The High Commission Of Morocco In Accra

You can use the directions below to find the embassy.

The Moroccan embassy is located at Akosombo Street Digya Lane close to the RLG communications and Ghana Education Trust fund office.

The following landmarks should give you a gist that you are close to their location.

The Startimes Ghana, Zeepay Ghana head office, the Egyptian embassy in Accra, and Clifton Homes.

That was very easy, it is not a complex way to follow, but let me make it easier for you.

You can use any of the street address below to locate the embassy.

Address Of The Morocco Embassy In Accra

Street address: Akosombo Street, Digya lane, Nber 42A Airport Residential Area, or 1, Switchback Lane Cantonments, Accra.

Do you think it will be a good idea to visit someone with their awareness?

That is not right. Hence, you need to contact the embassy before you can visit.

Stay right here. We will show you how you can contact the Morocco Embassy embassy in the next section.

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How To Contact The Morocco Embassy In Ghana

In this section, we are going to show you how you can contact the embassy.

Maybe you have been trying to reach the embassy, but has it been successful?

If you are, then you are lucky, but if not, then there is something wrong somewhere.

What might be the cause? Well, you did not use their official contact channels.

Often, people use contact information without verifying it, and when this happens, you will be stranded.

There is a lot of misleading information out there.

Always be careful, you can often check on for the most authentic embassy information.

There are different options provided by the embassy with which you can use to contact them.

Don’t stress yourself.

We are going to give you all that in a moment. You are at liberty to use any, that best suits you.

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Contacts Morocco Embassy Ghana
Official Means To Contact The Embassy Of Morocco In Ghana

Phone Number Of The Morocco Embassy In Ghana

If you want to call the Moroccan Embassy in Ghana, call this phone number below.

Telephone : +233-302-775669.

Surely you will receive a fast response if you send them an email too.

These are their email addresses of the embassy of Morocco in Ghana.

Email:  or

You can send them Fax messages. Here is the Fax number of the Moroccan Embassy in Ghana:

FAX : +233-302-785549

Do you have any intention of writing a letter to the embassy of Morocco in Ghana?

Okay, you can send your message to their private mailbox on the address below.

Postal Address: 1, Switchback Lane Cantonments, Private mailbox 117 Accra.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morocco Visa In Ghana

Below are some frequently asked questions about Morocco visa application. We have done our best to provide some simple answers, to give you a gits about what you seek.

We promise to provide you with a comprehensive guide about visa application soon.

How Can I Get A Moroccan Visa In Ghana

If you want to get a Moroccan visa in Ghana, it is just a Cakewalk. Call the Morocco Embassy in Ghana, and you will be guided accordingly.

Do I Need Visa To Travel To Morocco From Ghana

Yes, you need a visa to travel to Morocco, and you must put in a visa application for that.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa To Morocco

It does not take long to get a Moroccan visa in Ghana.

Once you have produced all the documents needed, if they are correct, you should get a visa within days.

How Much Is Plane Ticket From Ghana To Morocco

Plane ticket from Ghana to Morocco is dependent on the travel class yesterday you want to use. Therefore it may vary.

You can follow the activities of the Moroccan embassy in Ghana on social media. Use the web address below to follow their twitter handle.


Finally, congratulations on reading this article to the end, and it is a good habit to practice.

We advise that you always seek detailed information on anything before you make a move.

It helps you to reach your goals, and we implore you to stay with us. We have more to offer you.

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