UK Embassy In Ghana : Location & Contacts Of British Embassy In Accra

Are you a resident of Ghana or even a foreigner who finds it challenging to locate the UK Embassy in Ghana?

You are not alone in this dilemma. Here at, we receive tons of messages from many people in and outside Ghana who are asking us about the location of the British Embassy in Accra.

This and many other reasons are why we have taken the pain to put together all the necessary information you need to know about the High Commission in the country.

Ghana gained its independence from British colonial rule a couple of decades ago. The British rulers have left the Gold Coast long ago.

However, they still have their representatives in Ghana, and more specifically, in Accra not to rule Ghana but to enhance the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Our objective for today is not to bore you with history but rather make your way to the UK Embassy in Accra very easily.

Without wasting much of your precious time, let us get to business.

Location Of The UK Embassy In Ghana

You can find the United Kingdom Embassy in Ghana at Julius Nyerere Link along the Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue in the Greater Accra Region. The embassy is located in the heart of Accra in a busy yet serene environment.

The British Embassy is one of the most popular embassies in Accra, and because of that locating the building is not a difficult task, not even for those who are visiting Accra for the first time.

If you haven’t been to Accra or Ghana before, then let me give you this gist when visiting the British High Commission in Accra.

The British Embassy is very close to Central Hotel, Gingerbread Montessori School, Ghana Institute Of Janourlism (GIJ), Salvation Army, Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) all along the Julius Nyerere road in Accra.

The embassy is also a few minutes’ drive from The World Bank head office in Accra as well as the Ghana International Press Center along Haile Salassie street.

The closest high commission in the area is the Embassy of Niger.

As soon as you get to any of these places in Accra, then you should rest assured that you are almost at the UK Embassy in Ghana.

Also, remember that, if you want to visit the UK Embassy, they operate from Mondays to Fridays.

The working hours of the British High Commission in Ghana are between 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Mondays to Thursdays, but on Fridays, from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.

You must be aware that any time listed above is in Ghana’s local time, and as you know, on the world clock, Ghana is on GMT.

How To Contact The British Embassy And Get Quick Response

Contact The UK Embassy In Ghana
Reach The UK Embassy in Ghana on the Following Contact details

There are many ways you can quickly contact the UK Consular in Ghana. But would you go through that lengthy bureaucracy just to make inquiries from the embassy?

Of course not.

We all want things done and as fast as we can. That is why we bring you all the possible means to reach the UK embassy in Ghana in a matter of a few minutes.

Like I said earlier, you have a plethora of ways to reach a representative at the British High Commission in Ghana.

The easiest I recommend is by calling the official phone number of the embassy.

If you really need urgent help from the British embassy, then you need to call this number: +233 302 213 250.

If what you need from the embassy is not urgent and is a general inquiry of a sort, then I will advise you to call this number instead: +233 302 213 200.

For anything related to consular services, the number designated for that is the same as the general phone line.

But what if you need advice or information on passport or visa, then I will suggest you call these phone numbers: + 44 300 222 0000 or + 44 1243 213 316.

Who Is The Current British High Commissioner To Ghana

Iain Walker is the current UK High Commissioner to Ghana. He has been the commissioner since August 2017.

The Deputy High Commissioner is Tom Hartley. Iain and Tom have worked to strengthen the Ghana-UK relationship, which has even been stronger in the current administration.

Being the British High Commissioner, Iain represents the UK Government in Ghana.

Other Ways To Contact The United Kingdom (UK) Embassy In Accra

Apart from placing a phone call or visiting the embassy in person, there are other ways you can reach out to a representative at the embassy in Accra.

One such way is sending an email. The official email address is

Another way to contact the United Kingdom Embassy in Ghana is using their social media channel.

Here are all the social media channels for the British High Commission in Ghana:

I know you are already either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If that is the case, why not hook up with the representative online instead of walking all the way to the embassy in Accra and get frustrated by uncomfortable bureaucracy.

At this very moment, ff you got all the information in this guide right, then you will agree with me that your way to the UK embassy in Ghana has been simplified.

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If you have other questions about visiting the UK embassy or any other high mission for that matter, you can use the comment section to let us know.

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