China Embassy In Ghana – Simple Guide To Chinese High Commission, Accra

China has grown to become one of the most developed countries in the world.

That is why they have many foreign missions across the globe, such as the China Embassy in Ghana.

It is not a surprise that many countries hold such a massive reputation for them.

That has enabled China to established numerous bilateral relations with most countries across the world.

However, it is very evident that Ghana comes among countries with one of the unique relationships with China.

As a result, the bilateral relationship between both countries has seen a significant impact on the citizens of the two nations.

In today’s article, we are going to give you very detailed information about the Chinese Embassy in Ghana.

You will agree with me that many people from Ghana are willing to contact the Chinese Embassy whenever the need arises for a visa application.

It makes sense enough to know that if anyone needs any consular services, some information about their location, visa applications, document legalization, etc.

The Chinese mission in Ghana is willing to serve you beyond expectation, should you need their services.

So, feel free to contact them regarding any assistance you need from them.

The China Embassy in Accra is the sole representative of the Chinese Government in Ghana, and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of all the Chinese citizens in Ghana.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The China Embassy In Ghana

His excellency Shi Ting WANG is the Chinese ambassador to Ghana has expressed his joy to have such a significant opportunity to represent his country in Ghana.

Keep reading in the next chapter, which is going to be very interesting.

You will know how you can locate the embassy in Ghana.

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Where Can China Embassy In Ghana Be Found

If you want to locate the people’s republic of china High Commission in Ghana is not a difficult task.

The embassy is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, and you don’t need many directions to find their office.

The Chinese Embassy is located in a trendy area within the town.

So, even if you are coming to Accra for the first time, you don’t need to stress yourself.

Moreover, there is a very tight security at the office coupled with a spacious compound, so you can have a place to park your car.

Directions To The Chinese Embassy In Accra

Read below to know the easiest route to the China High Commission in Accra.

Using a car, drive to Airport Residential area in Accra, via Airport Bypass road.

On the Six Circular Road, almost opposite the Hungarian Embassy, the Chinese Embassy can be found there.

If the above directions did not help, don’t worry. You can use the street address below to locate them.

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Address Of The China High Commission In Accra

Street address: Number .6, Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.

However, we highly recommend you take note of the office hours of the embassy because that will help prevent you from making an empty visit.

The office is open from Monday to Friday, but they have dedicated some time duration for other consular services.

You can read more about that at the Consulate section of this post.

Chinese Consulate In Ghana

Are you a citizen of China, but living in Ghana?

The Chinese consulate is the only place to go for assistance in times of emergency, so you must always have their contact at the back of your mind.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact the Chinese Consulate in Ghana in case you come across any challenge, you are the reason they are here.

Interestingly, the Consulate gives high priority in terms of assistance to any Ghanaian citizen who wants to travel to China.

It makes sense enough to understand what I said earlier regarding the significance of the relationship of both nations to their citizens.

The consular offer services including Visa applications, and document legalization, passport application and all notarial services.

China Visa Application Center In Ghana

This is the telephone number to call if you need some information about the Chinese visa.

Visa inquiry: 0302797437  (visa and legalization)

If you are a Chinese citizen living in Ghana, you can contact the Chinese Consulate for all passport and Notarial.
Here is the phone number to call: 030-2949896

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How To Contact The China Embassy In Ghana

Do you need any information about the Chinese embassy in Ghana?

Maybe just some inquiry that does not require a visit.

Then you can contact the embassy, but always make sure you are doing so during working hours.

For security, reasons you might want to use their official telephone number of the China embassy if you’re going to call them.

It is vital because it will protect you from scammers.

Contacts China Embassy Ghana
Here are the official contact details of the China Embassy In Ghana

If you want to call, this is the official telephone number of the Chinese embassy in Ghana for general inquiries.

Telephone number: 00233-30-2780690

You can also send them emails at any time, but for a fast response, you should do that during the office hours of the embassy.

Here is the email address of the China Embassy in Ghana.


Those interested in Fax, you can send fax messages to the embassy’s fax number below.

Fax: 0023302763757 

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Postal Address Of The High Commission Chinese In Ghana

Don’t be left out if you want to write a letter to the embassy.

Here is the official postal address of the Chinese embassy in Ghana.

Postal address: Post Office Box 3356

Frequently Asked Questions About China Visa Application In Ghana

Here is are some answers a few frequently asked questions with straightforward answers.

Even though we did not give you full details about visa application, we will try out best to get you a comprehensive guide about that.

How Much Is China Visa In Ghana

China visa fee in Ghana varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for, and you will get all when you contact the Chinese visa section at the China Embassy in Ghana.

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How Many Hours Is It From Ghana To China

The time duration it will take you to travel from Ghana to China may depend on your means of transport, either going by air or by sea.

How Do You Book An Appointment At A Chinese Embassy

If you want to book an appointment with a Chinese Embassy, just contact the Chinese Embassy in question.

What Is The Cost Of A Plane Ticket From Ghana To China

The cost of a plane ticket from Ghana to China varies, depending on the travel class you prefer.

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Official Website Of China High Commission In Ghana

Surely, you might need more information. That is why you need to visit the official website for all the guidelines you need.

What more, the official website has the most accurate information you might need.

It has details about the contact, addresses, office hours, guideline on visa application, and many more.

You have nothing to worry about any mobile phone with an internet connection can access the website.

You can visit the official website by using the web address below.

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