Embassy Of Greece In Kenya – Location & Contact, Consulate, Nairobi

We welcome you one again to another fascinating article about the Greece Embassy in Kenya.

In this article, we will give you details about the Greece High Commission in Kenya, including their contact, location, postal address, etc.

Greece is a country with a vibrant history, and they have been actively playing a pivotal role in a lot of peace and developmental programs across the world.

However, the Greek High Commission in Kenya was established as a result of the relationship between Kenya and Greece.

As we are already aware, in our previous articles, relations between countries are one of the grassroots to the nation’s development.

Factually, no country can be self-dependent irrespective of how developed it is, and that is why countries go into bilateral trade with other countries.

So, Kenya and Greece relations are not just relation’s sake but one that yields benefits to both countries.

The Embassy of Greece in Kenya is the sole representative of the Government of Greece and hence oversees all communications between the two countries.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of Greece To Kenya

His Excellency Dimitris Zavorritis is the ambassador and head of mission of the Greece Embassy in Kenya.

There is a lot more to talk about Kenya and Greece, but since our primary focus is the embassy, let’s find out in the next section where it is located.

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Where Is The Greece Embassy Located In Kenya

Nairobi is a fascinating city. The layout of the town is overwhelming, coupled with a very serene environment. It does not surprise me that it’s is the capital city of Kenya.

Most of our readers who read our embassy guidelines are already acquainted with embassy locations.

The Greece Embassy in Kenya can be found in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

The working of hours of the Greece High Commission in Kenya are 10:00 am to 1:30 pm for visa services, every Monday to Thursdays

When visiting the embassy, be advised that you should contact them before you go.

That is because the embassy has many departments, and your purpose of the visit will depend on which department to assist you.

Directions To The Greece Embassy Office In Nairobi

If you are looking for the Greek Embassy in Kenya, follow the directions below to locate it in Nairobi.

The Safari Shop Kimathi is a very popular landmark in Nairobi, and it will be easier if you start your journey from there.

So, when coming from Safari Shop Kimathi along the Kenyatta Avs Road, take a left turn on the Kimathi Lane Road. The Greek Embassy in Kenya can be found along the Kimathi Lane just behind the Nation Center.

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Address Of The Greece High Commission Office in Nairobi

You can also use their address to look for the embassy in Nairobi. Here is the address of the Greece Embassy in Kenya.

Address: Kimathi Str., Nation Tower, 7th floor

Now that we know where we can locate the embassy, it is crucial to have their contact details. Read in the next section to understand how you can contact the embassy without stress.

Embassy Of GreeceĀ in Kenya Contacts

Contacting an embassy has become an everyday dilemma that people always have to face.

Often, it because a lot of people still prefer to contact the embassy through a phone call, which has led to the real bear situation.

But here at EmbassyCare, we always got you at heart, so we have managed to get you the more natural way to contact the Greek Embassy.

Before that, always be advised that you will authenticate the contact details before you use, as some contact details around are wrong.

Calling any phone other than the official one will land your query in no man’s land.

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Telephone Numbers Of The Greece High Commission In Nairobi

If you want to call the Greece Embassy in Kenya, call any of these phone numbers.

Telephone: +25420 3340722, or +25420 3340744

Here is the official email address of the Greece Embassy, you can contact make any inquiry through email if you prefer it.

Email: gremb.nai@mfa.gr

Yeah, you can send them a fax on the fax number below.

Fax: +25420 2216044

Also, Here is the Postal address of the Greece High Commission in Kenya.

Postal address: Post Office Box 30543-00100, Nairobi

Find out more about the Consulate of Greece in the next section.

Consulate of Greece in Kenya

The consulate of Greece in Kenya offers services such as passport, notarial services, and many more.

Are you a Greek residing in Kenya?

Then take note, although the Kenyan Government has put measures in place to seek the safety of all foreigners in the country, as the saying goes nowhere safer than home.

That is s why you need to have the consulate contact details so that you can contact them during an emergency.

You don’t need to be naive, it is their responsibility, and you are the reason they are there.

You can contact the Consular Section at the embassy in Nairobi, with any of their contact details below.

Telephone Number Of Greece Consulate In Nairobi

Here is the phone number of the Greece Consulate at the embassy in Nairobi.

Telephone: +25420 3340722

You can also contact them through email.

Email: gremb.nai@mfa.gr

Honorary Consulate of Greece in Mombasa

The Greece Embassy has a Consulate in Mombasa. The Honorary consul in Mombasa is Mr. Panayis Lagoussis.

This is good news for the resident in Mombasa as you don’t need to travel to Nairobi for any Consular service.

Here’s is the address of the Consulate of Greece in Mombasa.

Address: 95424, 80106 Mombasa

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Phone Numbers Of The Greece Consulate In Nairobi

You can call the Consulate of Greece in Mombasa on any of the phone numbers below.

Telephone: +254 41 476788, +254 20 2607484, or +254 722 41297

Also, this is the Email address of Greece consulate in Kenya.

Email: mtv@africaonline.co.ke

How much is the Schengen visa fee in Kenya?

As of the time of writing this article, Schengen visa in Kenya was 9,261 Kenya Shillings and 4,630 Kenya shilling for children from 6 to 12 years.

How do I apply for a visa to Greece?

If you what to apply for a visa, it’ is not complicated, click on the link below all details about Greece visa is there.


Do I need a visa for Greece from Kenya?

Yes, Kenyans Kenya, who wants to visit, must have a Greek visa.

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Website Of The Greece High Commission In Kenya

For further information about the embassy, you must visit their website.

All information concerning visa application from Kenya is explained in detail.

Also, all the services the embassy offers and guidelines on how to make an application are on the website.

Here is the address to the official website of the Greece Embassy in Kenya.
Website: https://www.mfa.gr/missionsabroad/en/kenya.html

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