Embassy Of India In Kenya – Location, Contact, India Consulate, Nairobi

Are you a foreigner or even a resident in Kenya who needs some assistance from the India Embassy in Kenya?

Maybe you need some information about their services or an Indian citizen wanting to renew your passport.

You are in the right place, here at embassycare.com, we give you detailed information about embassies.

If all you seek is the Indian Embassy in Kenya, then relax your nerves. We will give you all information you need about the embassy.

However, the India Embassy in Kenya was established as a result of the bilateral relations between India and Kenya.

The embassy has a core mandate to handle all India and Kenya’s correspondences, as well as seeking the safety of all Indian citizens living in Kenya.

The Current Indian Ambassador To Kenya

His Excellency Rahul Chhabra is the India High Commissioner to Kenya and also the ambassador to the India Embassy in Somalia.

The India High Commission in Kenya offers consular services to Indians, Kenya citizens, and all foreign national living in Kenya.

If you want to know where to locate the Indian Embassy in Kenya, then move onto the next section.

Where Is The Indian Embassy In Kenya Located

The Indian Embassy in Kenya is on the radial of a lot of people, as they seek for its location.

Many of you are already aware that most embassies are located in capital cities, and the Indian High Commission in Kenya is not an exception.

Therefore, you can find the Indian Embassy in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Maybe you are thinking of going in your car, so don’t worry that there is a spacious parking lot. You can park your car with comfort.

The embassy prioritizes the safety of everyone who visits the embassy, as a result, they have put in place robust security at the Chancery.

Remember, the Indian Embassy in Kenya operates from Monday to Friday, and their working hours are between 8:45 am to 5:15 pm.

Directions To The Indian High Commission In Nairobi

You can use the directions below to locate the Indian High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya, quickly.

The Indian Embassy in Kenya can be found in Jeevan Bharati Building close to the National Bank Head Office, off Harambee Ave Road.

To give you more gist, Malibu Pharmacy, House of Leather & Gifts, and Tuskys Supermarket are famous landmarks close to the Indian Embassy in Nairobi.

Address Of The India Embassy In Nairobi

You can still use the address below to locate the Indian Embassy if the directions above were not helpful.

Address: Jeevan Bharati Building, Harambee Av

Even though you can now find the Indian Embassy in Kenya, but is that enough?

Sometimes, you may need some important information from the embassy, but what if you are far away? That is why you need to contact the embassy.

Read in the next section to know how you can contact the embassy.

Contacts Of The Indian Embassy in Kenya

With the high demand of Kenyans wanting to travel to India, contacting the India Embassy sometimes becomes more frustrating and annoying.

If you have experienced such, you can attest to what I am saying. But we have good news for you.

Our team at embassycare.com has managed to get you the most comfortable way to contact the India Embassy in Kenya.

The Indian Embassy has added more options through which you can contact the embassy, and that has made it easy to reach them.

The good news is that we have all their contact details for you.

You have many options to contact the embassy, including calling them on the phone, sending them emails, writing letters to the embassy, and many more.

Telephone Numbers Of The India High Commission In Kenya

Use any of the contact details below to contact the embassy.

If you want to call the embassy, here are the official telephone numbers of the Indian Embassy in Kenya.

Telephone: +254 20 2222 566 or +254 20 2225 104

You can also contact the Indian Embassy through email, here is their email address.

Email: com.nairobi@mea.gov.in

Do you what to write a letter to the Indian Embassy in Kenya? This is their official postal address.

Postal address: Post Office Box 30074-00100, NBO

You will love what is coming next, because the next section will show you how you can apply for an Indian visa, even for the medical doctor,

Consulate Of India In Kenya

Are you an Indian citizen residing in Kenya?

Being a foreigner, sometime you may come across an emergency condition which requires immediate assistance.

That is why the consulate of India in Kenya is there for you.

So you have to keep in contact with the consular section at the embassy.

You can contact them anytime you find yourself in emergency conditions.

The consulate is located within the same building as the embassy.

You can use any of the contact information below to contact the Consular Section at the Indian Embassy in Kenya.

Don not be left out.

Kenyans and other foreign nationals living in Kenya can also go to the consular section.

In case they have any issues concerning visa application, many others.

Phone Number Of The Consulate Of India In Nairobi

You can call the consular at the India Embassy in Kenya on the phone numbers below.

Telephone: +254(0)202222566, +254(0)202225104, or +254(0)202222567

The recommended way to inquire about the consular section is through an email.

Below is the email address of consulate of in Nairobi

Email: cons.nairobi@mea.gov.in

How can I get an Indian visa from Kenya?

Getting an Indian visa is nothing complicated; all you need is contact the Indian Embassy in Kenya.

Go to the visa section at the embassy and make inquiries about visa applications, including visa requirements, visa fees, etc.

How long does it take to get an Indian medical visa?

Medical visas are exceptional cases, and often the process is speedy.

You can contact the visa section at the India Embassy and remember you have to let them know you are asking visa for medical purposes.

How do I make an appointment to renew my Indian passport?

For Indian citizens living in Kenya, you can visit the Consular Section at the India Embassy in Nairobi.

Also, you can go to the Assistant High Commission of India in Mombasa.

You will be given all procedures you can use to renew your Indian passport.

You will not face any problem because that is one of the core responsibilities of the consular section at the embassy.

Website Of The Indian High Commission In Kenya

For more information about the Indian Embassy, you must visit their official website.

Here is the web address to visit the official website of the Indian Embassy in Kenya.

Website: https://www.hcinairobi.gov.in/

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