France Embassy In Nigeria : Address, Consulate Of France Nigeria

Today we have a very intriguing article about the France Embassy in Nigeria for you.

Nigeria, as a country, has the biggest economy on the African Continent.

It makes sense that there are a lot of foreign missions in the country, such as the embassy of France in Nigeria.

The existence of bilateral relations between France and Nigeria is one that has stayed for many years, yielding opportunities for citizens of both countries.

Today we have seen a lot of Nigerians doing business, studying, and working in France. That is the beauty of bilateral relations.

However, the French High Commission in Nigeria has a core mandate of protecting all French citizens living in Nigeria and working to maintain the unity between the two countries.

They offer consular services, including passport, visa application, and notarial services.

You don’t have to be a French citizen before you can seek help from the embassy, because they are there to serve the general public.

Therefore if you are a Nigerian, you can apply for a France visa.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The French Embassy In Nigeria

His excellency Jérôme Pasquier is the ambassador and head of mission for the France Embassy in Nigeria.

He has received a lot of praise from government officials in both countries, for the excellent work done since his appointment.

We welcome you once again to

You already have an idea of our topic for today, but just a reminder, we are going to give you details about the embassy France in Nigeria.

If your quest is to know where the embassy is located, then read in the next section for a fascinating and quick gist about how you can find them.

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Location Of France Embassy In Nigeria

If you are reading this section, then it suggests you need directions to the France Embassy. Wait, do you know you can’t visit the embassy for no reason?.

Well, stick around for a moment. We will tell you more.

The France Embassy is located in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, just like the many other embassies.

You can only visit them during their working hours. Within Abuja, it is located in a very well-know area which anyone should be able to show you.

Security at the embassy is one of a kind, and they have a spacious car parking lot.

We highly recommend before you visit the embassy, you must contact them.

That is because the embassy has sections that deal with a particular task at a time, so calling them will help you to know the department is responsible for fro your query and their working hours.

Follow the directions below to locate the France Embassy in Abuja quickly.

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Directions To The French Embassy In Nigeria

When coming from the Sanusi Dantata Memorial Mosque towards the Francis Hotel, go straight and take the right of Oando gas station linking the Adenkule Fajuyi Way.

Again take a left, and at that point, you are a few minutes away from the embassy.

The France Embassy can be found along the Adenkule Fajuyi way close to the Indian High Commission in Abuja.

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Address Of The High Commission  Of France In Abuja

If the directions above did not help you, then use the street address below to find the embassy.

Here is the address of them France Embassy in Nigeria.

Street Address: European Union Crescent, off Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja.

You saw it was swift, and locating the embassy is now a thing of the past. But is that all you need? Of course not, you can’t get any assistance from the embassy if you can’t contact them.

So the next section of this post is dedicated to giving you all the contact details of the France embassy.

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Contacts The French Embassy In Nigeria

We have come across a lot of people with frustration, complaining about how difficult it is to contact the France Embassy.

This prompted us to find out what the challenge may be.

Contacts France Embassy Nigeria
Embassy Of France In Nigeria Contacts

Well, we found out that they have been using means which are not the proper procedures to contact the embassy.

However, we have managed to get the procedure on how you can contact the embassy.

Here at, we always bring you all the answers you need about embassies.

Contacting the French embassy in Nigeria is only through email.

To do this, you need to visit their official website and click on “contact us,” and a form will pop like the image below.

Contact France Embassy Nigeria

Fill this form and click send a message, you will receive a response quickly in your email, and you can continue from there.

Social Media Pages Of The French Diplomatic Mission In Nigeria

We also recommend that to avoid all these stress, head over tom their social media pages, and track their actives as well.

Search their Facebook name below and follow the embassy.

Facebook: Ambassade De France Au Nigéria

At this point, I know you are very poised to know about how you can apply for a France visa in Nigeria.

Read in the next section to know about all the consular services.

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France Consulate In Nigeria

Are you a foreign national living in Nigeria? Or maybe you are a Nigerian wanting to apply for a France visa?

Well, if that is your quest, then you surely need consular services from the France consulate in Nigeria.

However, the France consulate in Nigeria is located in Lagos. The consulate operates from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to12:00pm and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Please take note to visit the France Consulate in Lagos is only by appointment. Here is the address of the France consulate in Lagos.

Street address: 1 Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi Isla, Lagos Nigeria

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France Consulate In Abuja Telephone Number

If you want to call the consulate, you can call them on their telephone number below.

Telephone : +234014628484

For any inquiry, you can send an email to their email address below.


You can directly contact the consular administration on the email address below.

Consular administration:

This is the point we know might interest you the most. Do you want to apply for France visa in Nigeria, to do so, you must first get some information about the process.

You can make inquiries about visa applications such as France visa form, fees, and all visa-related issues.

You can make all inquiries about visa applications from the consular through email addresses. Here is the email address of the France consulate in Lagos.

Email: (visa application )

The France consulate cherishes the freedom of every French citizen in Nigeria, sometimes you might need their help, and unfortunately, it is outside working hours.

That is why they have provided an emergency number you can call. Here is the emergency number of the France Consulate in Nigeria

Consular emergency : +2348107676 523

Please note that it is only meant for emergency cases for France citizens alone.

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France High Commission In Nigeria Website

What more, it is very crucial to visit the website of the France High Commission in Nigeria to know more.

There is an extensive guideline on how you can apply for their services on the site.

Just as we always advise our cherished readers, it is imperative ever to verify if you are visiting the official website of the embassy.

That is why the is still here for you. We will give you that in a moment.

Here is the web address to the official website of the France Embassy in Nigeria.

Web address:

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