Argentina Embassy In Nigeria : Address, Location,Consular Service

In today’s article, our focus is on the Argentina Embassy in Nigeria, yes, the South American country.

If my guess is right, many of you here are seeking the contact, location, email address, and visa application process for the Argentine Embassy.

Here at, we give you exactly what you need.

We have all the details about the Argentina Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria.

However, the bilateral relations between Nigeria and Argentina is one of a kind, and the unity the two countries have built over the years is overwhelming.

The Government of Argentina saw the need to relate to Nigeria when they spotted the opportunities that will be available to them when they are in such terms with Nigeria.

There is no country thatĀ  does not rely on international relations for it’s nation development, and when such connections are in place, it gives an advantage to both the nation and its citizens.

The Argentine Embassy in Nigeria is the sole representation of their government in Nigeria, and therefore they are responsible for handling all communications between the two countries.

Read in the next section if you want to know where the Argentina Embassy is located.

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Location Of Argentina Embassy In Nigeria

The Argentina Embassy can be found in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. It is within a trendy area, and even a kid in Abuja can show you.

That makes it very easy to locate. Before you visit the embassy, make sure you contact them on the phone before you go.

Because the embassy has different departments, which each one is responsible for a specific task. So, when you call them based on what your quest is, you will be directed to the appropriate department.

Quickest Route To Find The Argentina High Commission In Abuja

If you are looking for the Argentina Embassy in Nigeria, follow the directions below to locate the embassy in Abuja.

When coming from the Kwara State Government Laison office, along the Kwame Nkurumah Cres road and turn right onto Desmond Tutu street connecting the Nelson Mandela street.

At that point, you are a few minutes away from the embassy. The Argentina Embassy in Nigeria is located along the Nelson Mandela street.

Address Of The Embassy Of Argentina In Abuja

If that did not help you, then you can use their street address below to find the embassy.

Here is the address of the Argentine Embassy in Nigeria.

Street address: No. 30 Nelson Mandela Street, Asokoro District, Abuja, Nigeria.

Without contacting the embassy, locating them will be irrelevant as you may need some details before you can visit their office.

Read in the next section to know how you can contact the embassy.

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How To Contact The Argentina High Commission In Nigeria

The Argentine Embassy has provided different options to the general public to contact them for any information they need from the embassy.

This is due to the numerous queries the embassy receives every day.

Our team has managed to get you all the contact details of the embassy, and you are at liberty to choose any, which best suits you.

Often, we receive a lot of messages from people who are frustrated because many attempts by them contacting the embassy has hit the rocks.

But what do you think is the problem?

We keep telling people even though there are many options you can use to contact the embassy, but you must make sure you are doing so, during their regular working hours.

Contacts Of Embassy Argentina In Nigeria
Easiest Way To Reach The High Commission Of Argentina In Nigeria

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Phone Number Of the Embassy Of ArgentineĀ  In Nigeria

You can contact the Argentina Embassy on this telephone number.

Telephone: 002348093664820

If you like to send them an email, this is their official email address.


It will be great if you can follow them on social media as well.

Use the link below to follow the embassy on Facebook.


Argentina Consulate In Nigeria

The Argentina Embassy in Nigeria has a consulate that takes care of all consular services.

Their services include passport, visa application, and notarial services for local and foreign nationals in Nigeria.

Do you want to apply for an Argentine visa? Or you want to know the visa fee for Argentina?

Well, it is straightforward if you need answers to the above questions above.

You can call the consulate to make inquiries, or you visit the consular office for first-hand information.

Contact Details Of The Consulate Of Argentina in Abuja

Here is the telephone number of the Argentina consulate in Nigeria.

Consular services: +234 8093664821

Maybe you are an Argentine citizen living in Nigeria, and sometimes being a foreigner, you will surely have some challenges.

Emergency Telephone Numbers Of The High Commission Of Argentina In Nigeria

That is why the Argentine consular office has provided an emergency number you can call during emergency cases.

If you want to call the consular for any emergency issues, call any of the telephone numbers below.

Emergency numbers : +234 (0) 8093664821, or +234 (0) 9083039881

If you need information on visa requirements, you can use the link below, and all the data are provided in detail.

Visa requirements:

Furthermore,for more information about the Argentina Embassy you must visit their website.

If you did not get an answer to your query, then you have to visit the official website of the Argentina High Commission in Nigeria for more.

Here is the web address to the official website of the Argentina Embassy in Nigeria.



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