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In today’s articles, we have detailed information about the Chile High Commission in Kenya, including their contacts, location, consulate, and many more.

So, how did Chile have Embassy in Kenya? Let’s find out.

Within Africa, South American countries are growing their numbers in their relations with African countries.

It is undeniable how countries have used bilateral relations to seek support in many developmental sectors, including technology, human resource, education, and health.

The Chile Embassy was set up as a result of the bilateral relation between Chile and Kenya, and it has been in existence for years.

Many Kenyan citizens have traveled to Chile for business, study, work, etc. That tells you what foreign relation offers enough opportunities for citizens.

However, the Chile Embassy represents the Chilean Government in Kenya and is mandated to promote the Chile and Kenya trade.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Chile Embassy in Kenya

The ambassador of the Chile Embassy in Kenya is María Alejandra Guerra.

She has expressed her profound appreciation for the opportunity to serve her country and working with the Kenyan Government.

Now that we know a little about how the embassy came and what they do let’s find out about where to find them.

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Where is the Chile Embassy in Kenya Located

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, has been very instrumental in the affairs of country.

As a result of the enhanced security in Nairobi, most foreign missions are located there, and the Chilean Embassy is not an exception.

In other words, the Chile Embassy in Kenya is located in Nairobi.

You can visit the embassy during their regular working hours, and just as we have always recommended, it is crucial to call the embassy before visiting them.

However, the working hours of the Chile Embassy in Kenya are Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Direction To The Chile High Commission Office In Nairobi

Follow the directions below to locate the Chile Embassy in Nairobi.

If you are coming from the Ugandan High Commission towards Grand Riverside Residences, follow the road straight.

A few minutes after the Zambia bus station turn left at the Consulate of Chile and the embassy is located right there. Yes, this did not involve any stress.

But if that did not help you, you can still use the embassy’s physical address to locate them.

Address Of The Chile High  Commission in Nairobi

Here is the address of the Chile Embassy in Nairobi:  Riverside Drive 66, Nairobi Kenya.

You can also read in the next section to know the contact details of the Chile High Commission.

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What Are The Contacts Of The Chile High Commission In Kenya

Unlike other embassies, the  Embassy of Chile always prioritizes service to the general public and has encouraged the citizens and foreign nationals to ever come to them should they need their assistance.

In response to that, they have provided a lot of options through which you can contact the embassy during the embassy’s regular working hours.

Although they respond to each one of them, we recommend you use emails and telephone numbers for a faster response.

We are all aware of the many fraudulent cases surrounding visa applications, and that is why you must authenticate the contact details before you use them.

You can use any of the contact information below to contact the embassy.

Phone Number Of The Chilean High Commission in Kenya

Telephone : +254 20 445-2950 or +25420445-2951

You can also contact the embassy through email.

This is the email address of the Chile Diplomatic Mission in Kenya.


If you love to contact them through fax, below is their fax number.

Fax: +254204443209

There is an option if you want to write a letter to the embassy. Below is their official postal address below

Postal address: Riverside Drive 66, Post Office Box 45554, 00100, Nairobi.

Visa application is one of the things most people have wanted to do on their own. So what do you need to do that on your own

Read in the next section I will show you exactly that.

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The Consulate of Chile in Nairobi

Does Chile have a consulate in Kenya?

Yes, Chile does have a Consulate in Kenya, and it is very close to the embassy.

The consulate of Chile in Kenya offers consular services to both Kenya citizens and foreign nationals.

Maybe you need a visa to visit Chile. But do you know what is required of you? You don’t even know the visa fees and requirements.

That is why you need to contact the consulate office for more detailed information.

Do not be deceived, you do not need to pay any money for such information, the consulate is there to sever you, and you can inquire about anything you want to know from them.

I bet you. It is not difficult. You can apply for a visa without the help of any intermediary. Yes, the Chile visa application doe not require any qualification.

You can contact the Chile consulate only through email.

Contact Of The Chile Consulate In Kenya

You can send an email through the official email address of the Chile Consulate in Kenya below.


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Chile Embassy In Kenya Website

It is always good to have more and relevant information about something before you proceed.

That is why you must get more information about the services the embassy offers.

To do this, you need to visit their official website.

You can get information about the consulate, visa application, jobs, and many more on their website.

Here is the web address below to visit the website of the Chile Embassy in Kenya.


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