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In today’s article, we have detailed information about the Denmark Embassy in Ghana for you.

Bilateral relations between countries have become one of the core ingredients of economic growth in most nations. 

For countries which involve themselves in Foreign relations, usually get immigration issues of their citizens on a very suitable grounds. 

When this happens, the most significant gains go to the citizens of both nations. 

Besides, the advantages that exist within foreign relations has made many countries adopt this practice. As a result, it has almost become a norm across the globe.

You will agree with me that bilateral relations between countries are one of the essentials tools for peace in the world. 

Denmark, as a country, has a good relationship with Ghana, which has enabled them to maintained and build their relations to a very high level over the years.

Nothing seems to be a hindrance to them right now. 

The Denmark High Commission in Ghana is the sole representation of the Danish Government in Ghana. 

Moreover, the Denmark Diplomatic Mission to Ghana has been mandated to handle all correspondences between the two countries. 

It is also their sole responsibility to make sure the safety of Danish citizens in Ghana is paramount. 

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Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Denmark Embassy In Ghana

H.E Tove Degnbol, who is the ambassador of the Danish Embassy in Ghana and his team, has worked tremendously towards their goal to promote Ghana and Denmark trade. 

To emphasize, the ambassador for the Denmark Embassy in Ghana is His Excellency Tove Degnbol. 

What more, the embassy has a consulate team that undertakes all consular-related issues and offer comprehensive consular services. 

Now that we know how the embassy was set up and what they do, lets find out about where it is located.

Where Is The Denmark Embassy In Ghana Located

You don’t need to tell me. I know you are itching to see how you can locate the embassy. 

It is not a rushing game, the Denmark embassy in Ghana is located in Accra, North Ridge. 

But if you want to visit the embassy, you will need to book an appointment with the embassy before.

The opening hours of the embassy are Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, but on Fridays, the embassy opens from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Directions To The Denmark High Commission Office In Accra

Follow the direction below to locate the Danish embassy in Accra.

If you are any part of Accra, pick a taxi and tell the driver you are going to North Ridge. 

At North Ridge, the embassy is located near the Alisa hotel, Dr. Isert road. 

Address Of The Denmark Embassy In Accra

You can also use their street address below to the embassy office.

Street address: 67, Dr. Isert Road, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana. 

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How To Contact The Denmark Embassy In Ghana

There are various contact options provided by the Denmark High Commission that you can use to make any inquiries from them. 

However, if you intend to contact them, you must follow the rules strictly because you can not reach the embassy at any time of your choice.

That is because they have a specific time frame for each service. 

But do not worry, we are going to give you all the contact details and the time at which you can contact them.

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Contact Denmark Embassy Ghana
Correct Contact Details Of The Embassy Of Denmark In Ghana

Phone Numbers Of Danish High Commission, Ghana

If you want to call the Denmark Embassy in Ghana, call this telephone number below. 

Telephone : +233 30 220 8730

Call the embassy on this mobile number. 

Mobile : +233 54 011 6703

You can call this telephone number for all visa inquiries. 

Tel.: +233 302 208 755 (visa inquiries)

And now this is where you must pay serious attention.

Below are the Telephone hours you can contact the Denmark Embassy. 

Telephone hours: Monday to Thursday: 10.00 – 15.00 ,Friday: 10.00 – 11.00

Visa-sectionMondays and Wednesdays between 14.00 – 15.00 ,Tel: +233 (0) 302 208 755

Here is the email address of the Denmark Embassy in Ghana, if you want to contact them through email.


You can write a letter to the Danish Embassy in Ghana through the postal address below. 

Postal address: 67, Dr. Isert Road, North Ridge, Post Office Box CT 596 Accra, Ghana.

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The Danish Consulate In Ghana

With such a massive team at the Denmark Embassy in Ghana, it is evident that they will have a consulate, and yes, they do. 

Are you a Dane residing in Ghana?

As a foreigner, you must not lose contact with the embassy because they are responsible for helping during emergencies.

You can also visit the consular section at the embassy for all passport-related services, such as passport renewal, passport replacement and many more, including the legalization of documents.

It is imperative always to contact the consulate during their regular working hours because they can only assist you only during their working hours, except for emergency cases.

Their consular office is located within the embassy, and you can make any inquiries concerning passport, visa application, and legalization services. 

You can call the consular on this telephone number.

Telephone: +233 302 208 755 

 Here is the email address of the Denmark Consulate in Ghana.

Consular email:

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The Website Of Embassy Denmark In Ghana

Furthermore, the website of the embassy is essential, so we recommend you take note.

Also, before you can visit the Denmark Embassy for any service, you will need to book an appointment. 

Do you want to know you can book an appointment with the Denmark Embassy in Ghana? Then read below. 

All information regarding how you can book an appointment with the embassy is written on their website. 

But before you can visit their website, you must make sure you are visiting the official website of the embassy.

Use the web address below to visit the website of the Denmark Embassy in Ghana. 


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