Lebanon Embassy In Ghana – Location, Contact Address, & Consulate

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Before we begin, let us find out how the embassy was set up.

What You Must Know About The Lebanese High Commission In Ghana

After Ghana had independence in 1957, they have continued to increase in Diplomatic Missions in the country, such as the Embassy of Lebanon in Ghana.

That is because many of those countries have seen the potentials in Ghana and the opportunities involved for them.

The existence of foreign missions in Ghana has ensured solidarity and fairness in their relations.

Although Ghana’s economy is growing at a fast pace, more of such links is needed to enhance their performance on the international stage.

However, the Lebanese government is pleased with their relations with Ghana, and the existence of their High Commission in Ghana will ensure that both countries enjoy the benefits that are involved.

The embassy is also responsible for the welfare of all the Lebanese citizens living in Ghana.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Lebanese Embassy In Ghana

His excellency Maher Kheir is the ambassador of the Lebanese Embassy in Ghana.

He has assured us to protect all Lebanese Citizens living in Ghana, working to foster the unity between the two nations.

Now that we have seen why the embassy was set up and what they do let’s find out where it is located.

Where Is The Lebanon Embassy In Ghana Located

Dealing with embassies is essential to know where they are located, which will be crucial to help you in times you need their assistance.

However, embassies are just like any other government agencies which have sections, and they all have a different task they undertake.

Therefore it will be appropriate to know where the embassy is located, their specific duration of office hours, and many others. Don’t panic.

We are here to serve you very soon, and you will know all that about the Lebanon Embassy.

The Embassy of Lebanon in Ghana is located in Accra, and it operates from Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Directions To The Lebanon Embassy In Ghana

You can follow the directions below to locate the embassy.

When coming from Accra SSNIT guest house, take the ramp after the VAT Service office unto the Ridge Road E and go straight and along the Ridge Rod E.

Again, take a right turn unto the Sunkwa Road, move a few meters and turn left unto the 13th Lane.

Follow straight towards Lavilla Boutique at this point slow down a bit.

You are a few minutes away from the embassy.

The Lebanese Embassy in Ghana is located on the 3rd street along the 13th Lane road after Lavilla Boutique.

Notable landmarks close to the embassy are Brown Sugar Ghana, Crossroads bar Osu East Legon, and instant loan office.

Address Of The Lebanese High Commission In Accra

Even if that direction didn’t help you, you could use the street address below to locate the embassy

Address: Lebanese Embassy in Accra, Ghana, F864/1 off Cantonments, Osu.

Thank you for reading up to this section of the post, but we are not yet done. Knowing the location of the embassy alone is not enough.

What if you need some information urgently?

Yes, that’s the reason why you need the contact details of the embassy for quick inquiries.

Read in the next section as we give you details of their official contact information of the embassy.

A Simple Way You Can Contact The Lebanon Embassy In Ghana

Are you a Lebanese citizen living in Ghana?

As a foreigner, you will undoubtedly encounter a few challenges, and you might need some assistance from your embassy during that time.

For that reason, we always advise you to keep the official contact information of your embassy.

If you are wondering how you can get the correct contact details, the Lebanese embassy, worry no more that’s is why we are always here for you.

The Lebanese Diplomatic Mission wants the general public to access every information and help they may need.

Therefore they have made available all their contacts through which you can use to contact them.

You choose from the list below, each one that suits you best.

Telephone Number Of The Lebanon High Commission In Accra

If you want to call the Lebanon Embassy in Ghana, its very easy, call their official telephone number below.

Telephone : (+233) (302) 776 727

To all those who wish to contact them through email, you can send them an email to the email address below.

Email: accra.leb@gmail.com

You have the option also if you want to write a letter to the embassy, post your message to their official postal address below.

Postal Address: F864/1 off Cantonments Osu, P.O. Box 562, Accra, Ghana.

We do receive a lot of requests about visa applications about the Lebanon Embassy in Ghana.

If you are one of those, then head over to the next section we have a new guide for you.

Consulate Of Lebanon In Ghana

The Embassy of Lebanon in Ghana has a consular section that takes charge of all visa related issues and many more.

We recommend that for issues related to the visa, you always call the consular section at the embassy to know about their requirements, fees, etc.

The process is straightforward, and if you meet the requirements, you should be granted a visa in just a few days.

For more inquiries, you can contact them through either a phone call or an email listed below.

Contacts Of The Lebanese Consulate In Accra

You can call the consular at the embassy on this telephone number.

Telephone : (+233) (302) 776 727

If you want to make inquiries through email, send your quires through this email.

Email: accra.leb@gmail.com

Website Of The High Commission Of Lebanon In Ghana

There is always more and updated information about the embassy on their website.

Still, we always recommend before you visit the site, make sure you authenticate to know that it is their official website.

To reduce stress, we have provided a web address you can use to visit the official website of the Embassy of Lebanon in Ghana.

Web address: www.accra.mfa.gov.lb

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