Israel Embassy In Ghana : Location, Contact Address, Accra

Bilateral relations between countries have been one of the principal significant opportunities to citizens across the world, such as the Israel Embassy in Ghana.

Citizens in many countries have exploited extremely, the advantage that comes with their country’s bilateral relations.

Those are the main reasons embassies are always flooded with visa applications.

However, I am yet to see a country without foreign relations, and I think there is none at the moment.

Every country needs some aid from other countries to survive, and Israel is not an exception.

Israel is one of the many countries which have very good foreign relations with a lot of countries across the world.

That is because Israel, as a country, has opened diplomatic missions in most countries, which are their bilateral partners,such as the Israel Diplomatic Mission in Ghana.

In today’s article, we are going to give you details of the Israeli mission in Ghana.

We promise to provide you with every information you might need about the embassy, including their contact, address, locations, and all consular services directives.

We have always delivered and will continue to do so just for the love of our readers

Who Is The Current Israel Ambassador To Ghana

His excellency Shani Cooper is the ambassador of the Israeli High Commission in Ghana. The Israel Embassy is the representation of the Israeli government in Ghana.

The Israel Mission in Ghana is also mandated to seek the safety of every Israeli citizen residing in Ghana.

The embassy offers consular services to its citizens and Ghanaian residents who need immigration assistance concerning Israel.

Don’t be itchy, the next section is a more interesting read, to know how you can locate the embassy.

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Location Of The Israel Embassy In Ghana

Maybe you have an appointment with the embassy, or you need some consular assistance from them. These and many more are the reasons you should know where it is located.

We are going to show you the easiest route to locate the Israel Embassy in a moment, don’t worry if it is your first time of coming to Accra.

The Israel Embassy in Ghana is located in Accra, the capital city o Ghana.

Israel High Commission in Ghana operates from Monday to Thursday, between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. But on Friday they work from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Direction To The Israel High Commission In Ghana

If you are looking for the Israel High Commission Ghana, follow the directions below to locate the embassy in Accra easily.

Coming from any part of Accra, use the Achimota Road passing through the 37 Military Hospital, continue unto the second circular road, take a right turn and move straight.

Right on the junction before Linda’s Court turn left onto the First Circular Cres, the Embassy of Israel is located on your left just before the Peru Embassy.

Address Of The Israeli High Commission In Accra

If direction above is not enough for you, then you can use their street address below to locate them.

Here is the address of the Israeli Embassy in Ghana.

Address: 8th Floor, Manet Towers C, Airport City, Accra.

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How To Contact The Israeli High Commission In Ghana

There are various options from which you can contact the embassy, and that is what I am are about to show you.

Calling the embassy is not a difficult task, but people always complain about the challenges they continually face in any attempt to call the embassy.

We found out that they are not doing something right, and our investigation has shown they usually call the embassy outside working hours.

That is why they get no response, therefore take note and do not make the same mistakes.

Before we proceed, we advise, take note that you will always contact the embassy during their office hours, reason been that you will get a fast response.

You can use any of the following contact channels below.

Telephone Number Of Israeli Embassy In Ghana

Here is the Telephone number of the Israeli Embassy in Ghana, if you want to call the embassy.

Telephone: +233 302 743838

You can also contact them through email.Send your email through the email address below.


If you want to write a letter to the Embassy of Israel in Ghana, post your message to their postal address below.

Postal address: Embassy of Israel: Post Office Box CN 91 Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

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Israel Consulate In Ghana

The Israeli High Commission in Ghana has a consulate that is in charge of all consular services, including Visa, passport, legalization of documents, and many more.

Are you one of the many people who are depressed about an application for an Israel visa? Worry no more, applying for Visa at the Israel embassy is now stress-free.

All you need is to visit their consular section at the embassy and comply with all their requirement.

If you meet all the visa requirements of the embassy, you would be awarded a visa within days.

For any inquiry, you can contact the consular department on their email address below.

Consular email:

You can also call the consular on this telephone number, here is the Telephone number of the Consulate of Israel in Ghana.

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Consular Inquiries : 0302743838

Website Of Israel Diplomatic Mission In Ghana

There is more detailed information about the Israel High Commission  on their official website.that is why we recommend you visit their official site to read more.

However, you should make sure you are visiting their official website.

That is because there are some wrong information on other site which gives out the wrong information.

How do I know it is the embassy’s official website?

Wait a moment, and we will show you.

Here is the web address to the official website of the Israel Embassy in Ghana


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