Cuban Embassy In Ghana – Location, Contact Of Cuban High Commission

Welcome to today’s article. If you find yourself reading this post, it is either you are looking for the location, contact, address, and website of the Cuban Embassy in Ghana.

However, this post is intended to give you all the details concerning the Cuban Embassy.

Therefore take your time and read carefully, and I promise you will get all you want in this guide here at EmbassyCare.

What is more, Cuba’s solitary representation in Ghana is the embassy in Accra. It is responsible for maintaining the bilateral relationship between Ghana and Cuba.

As you already know, the Cuban High Commission in Ghana represents the interest of the Cuban Government, including protecting Cuban citizens in Ghana with respect to the constitution of Ghana.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Embassy Of Cuba In Ghana

The head of the Cuban mission, who also serves as the ambassador, is His excellency Pedro Luis Despaigne González.

Since his appointment, he has made a massive impact on the affairs of the embassy, so it is not a surprise that the relationship between the two countries is fast-growing.

Now that’s we have known a little about the embassy, let us find out in the next section where the embassy can be found in Ghana.

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Where Is The Cuban Embassy In Ghana Located

Looking for the location of the Cuban Embassy in Ghana comes under no stress, and I am going to show you how you can locate the embassy quickly.

The embassy is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. You can visit the embassy office for all consular-related issues during their actual business working hours is on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

You can follow the directions below to locate the embassy.

Coming from the Spanner bus stop towards Yoshiken travels along the Liberation road, take a right turn onto the Koffi Anna street and go straight.

On the Kofi Annan street in front of Roberts Boch Ghana, turn left on the Mary Dei Amoah road, go straight to connect the Senchi street, and cross to the Akosombo road.

At this point, you are a few minutes away from the embassy. The Cuban Embassy is located along the Akosombo road after the Poky House Forex Bureau.

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Address Of The Cuban High Commission In Accra

Alternatively, you can use the street address below to locate the embassy in Accra.

Address: Number 22B Akosombo Rd, Accra, Ghana.

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Consulate Of Cuba In Ghana

Does Cuba have a consulate in Ghana? Yes, the Cuban Embassy offers consular services in Ghana.

The consular officer at the Cuban Embassy is Mrs. Eulalia Cárdenas San Martin, and she is in charge of all Cuban consular-related services.

Do you need any information regarding visa, immigration, or any other consular services? Be assured you will be served appropriately.

The consulate offers services including visa inquiry and all Cuban immigration issues. It operates on Tuesday from 9:00 am to – 1:00 pm.

For any inquiry, you may send an email to the consular on the address below.


What Is The Contact Number For The Cuban Embassy In Ghana

Contacts Cuban Embassy Ghana
Call The Cuba Embassy In Ghana For Any Assistance

Maybe you want to contact the embassy for assistance. Are you wondering how to?

You don’t need to worry as it takes just minutes when you want to contact them.

Telephone Numbers Of The Embassy Of Cuba In Ghana

However, before you can contact them, you will need the official telephone number.

It is very important as it prevents you from scammers by making sure you are calling the actual telephone number.

Use this phone number to contact the embassy.

Phone: (0302)775868

The embassy also has two(2) email addresses, which you can send all your queries.

You can send all your emails to any of them at any time, but it is highly recommended you do so during their working hours for a fast response.

Send your mails to any of the addresses below.

Email:, or

Maybe you want their postal address, no need to worry. We will give you that in a moment, and you can send all your letters to their postal address.

To do so, post all your letters to their official postal address below.

P.O BOX 9163. Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.

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What Is The Website Of The Cuban Embassy In Ghana

The Cuban Embassy in Ghana has a website that offers almost all of the relevant information that you might need, and You can visit the site if you need their contact numbers, email address, etc.

But, for safety, you need to make sure you are visiting the official website of the embassy.

You can use the web address below to visit the embassy website:

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