Mexico Embassy In Ghana – Location, Contact, Mexican Consulate, Accra

Today in this article, we are going to give you details about the Mexico Embassy in Ghana. You will know their contact details, address, how to locate the embassy, and many more.

Embassies, today is seen in the eyes of many as travel agents. Most citizens always get served from the embassy whenever they are about travel.

As a result, you can’t blame them for their perception concerning embassies.

How do you see embassies today? Are you also one of the many out there who think the embassy is only mandated to issues visas?

However, whatever your answer might be, it will surely be far from the actual truth.

Embassies are always set up to be in charge of facilitating foreign policies of its parent country, and they contribute a lot to the economic growth of a nation.

Mexico is a country you should not be surprised to have excellent bilateral relations with Ghana.

The relationships between the two countries enabled Mexico to have a diplomatic mission in Ghana, just as they have in many other countries.

What more, the Mexican Embassy prioritize the safety of their citizens who visit, work, stay, and do business in Ghana.

So, the Government of Mexico has mandated its High Commission in Ghana to seek the safety and welfare of its citizens residing in Ghana.

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Who Is The Current Mexico Ambassador To Ghana

Her excellency María de Los Ángeles Arriola Aguirre is the ambassador of the Mexican Embassy to Ghana.

With her entire stuff, she promises to deliver beyond expectation and has vowed to commit to the task assigned to them.

She said they will provide hard work to foster their country’s relations with Ghana.

Dozens of people are always trooping into our inbox seeking where the Mexican Embassy can be found.

That prompted us with the need to research that, and today we have managed to get the easiest route to the embassy.

Without much delay, let us jump into the next section to see how we can locate the embassy.

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Location Of The Mexico High Commission In Ghana

If you are looking for how you can locate the Mexico Embassy, then there is no doubt you want to visit their Chancery.

But are you aware you can’t attend to the embassy without reason? Even if you have an idea, do you have an appointment with the embassy?.

However, if you need answers to all these questions, then read the whole article carefully.

The Mexican Embassy is located in Accra, and they operate from Monday to Friday.

The working hour of the Embassy of Mexico in Ghana are between the working hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Directions To The Embassy Of Mexico Office  In Accra

Follow the directions below to locate their embassy.

When coming from the 37 Military Hospital, continue to the Liberation Road and go straight till you meet the Lands Commission Office.

Just after the Lands Commission turn right onto the Second Circular Road, go straight and bend the curve at Linda’s Court.

The Mexican Embassy is located on your left of the second circular road behind Meridian villas.

Address Of The Mexican High Commission In Ghana

Sometimes it is challenging to follow the directions especially people who are do not knew the town well.

You don’t have o worry when you face such a challenge. There is another alternative.

It is possible to locate the embassy’s office using their street address and that is why we have provided that for you.

You can use the street address below to locate them. Here is the address of the Mexican Diplomatic Mission in Ghana.

Street Address: Plot 16, First Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

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How To Contact The Mexican Embassy In Ghana

Embassies are institutions that work under stringent regulations, and you will agree with me they don’t consider age or class.

So you have to go according to their measures, and that will help you get the assistance you need from them.

You can contact the Mexican High Commission in Ghana at any time during their working hours.

Remember, you must always make sure you are contacting them through any of their official contact channels.

We have done our best to compile for you all their contact details, and you can use any one of them that suits you best.

Phone Numbers Of The Mexican Diplomatic Mission In Ghana

Here is the telephone number of the Mexico Embassy in Ghana, if you want to call them.

Telephone : +233302789320 , +233 302789321, or +233302789322

You can make inquiries from the Mexico High Commission in Ghana, through their email address below.


If you want to send a Fax message to the Mexican Diplomatic Mission in Ghana, this is their fax number below.

FAX : +233 (0) 302789323

Are you a Mexican citizen in Ghana? Well, as a foreigner, your embassy is there to assist you in times of need during an emergency.

Therefore they have provided a phone number you can call when you are in a situation that requires assistance.

That is a perfect decision by the embassy, and you must take it seriously. If you need urgent help from the embassy, you can call the Mexican protection telephone number below.

Emergency number :+23355 978 4927

You must take note that the emergency number is only for emergency cases. Therefore if you call for any other queries, you will not get any answers.

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The Consulate Of Mexico In Ghana

Mr. Alejandra Salazar Ponce De León is the head of the consular section and cultural affairs at the Mexico Consulate in Ghana.

In the consular section, they take charge of all consular services concerning Mexico.

You can contact the consular section for any inquiry concerning passport, visa application, requirements fees, and many more.

If you want to inquire from the Mexican Consulate in Ghana, send your inquiry to this emails address below


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The Mexican Embassy in Ghana Website

The Mexican embassy has a website with an excellent user-friendly interface, and detailed information has been provided to guide you on how you go about applying for any of their services.

You can find out how you can book an appointment with the embassy on their website. Remember, the site is very secured, and you don’t need to worry about your hackers.

Use the web address below to visit the website of the Mexico Embassy in Ghana.


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