MTN Ghana Turbonet Router – Ultimate Guide To Turbonet Price & Data Bundles

Are you a resident in Ghana, looking for the fastest internet router to buy? I recommend MTN Turbonet Router to you.

In the Ghanaian tech space, one of the key components that are missing is access to an affordable and fast internet connection.

You will agree with me that two out of every three Ghanaian residents own a smartphone, and on average, they visit the internet more than five times a day.

Thus, it is evident that demand for data bundles is for sure very high in Ghana.

But how affordable is the internet data bundle in Ghana? Very expensive for sure.

Over the years, Smartphone users in Ghana have been crying their hearts out to the Government to intervene on internet charges in the country.

It looks as if their pleas have hit the rocks, and we’ve seen nothing done about it.

However, a few years ago, MTN, the biggest telecommunication company in Ghana, introduced fiber broadband with arguably the fastest internet speed available in Ghana.

That didn’t end there, and given the fact that their broadband service is not available all over, even in the big cities, they introduced the Turbonet Router.

An internet router device that receives its internet source from the MTN Fibre broadband network.

The Turbonet Router hit the market running due to its overwhelming internet speed and the cheaper data bundle that it comes with.

Whereas you may not have seen the device before, you can’t decline to purchase one once you have seen it and know how it works, coupled with its cheaper non-expiry data bundles.

Today, in this guide, we are going to give details and everything you need to know about the Turbonet router in Ghana.

What Is MTN Turbonet Router

MTN Turbonet is a 4G-enabled plug-and-play internet router that delivers an internet connection from a fire broadband source. It has an average internet speed of about 5mps.

Also, it has high signal gain, which makes it able to produce a stable connection and speed for users. For now, I can tell you there is no better router than the Turbo.

Types Of The Turbonet Router

Since the MTN 4G Turbonet router was introduced into the market, we have seen two different types of it, with each coming from different brands, both Huawei and ZTE.

Currently, the ZTE model is only available, but it comes with more unique specs than Huawei.

Below are the types of MTN Turbonet in Ghana:

1. Huawei B612S-25D

2. ZTE MF268C.

How Does The MTN Turbonet Works

The Turbonet device works fairly differently from the normal Smartphones we use to access the internet.

That is because the router does not deliver its internet connectivity from the regular cellular network source but rather from the fiber broadband service of MTN Ghana.

Also, there is a dedicated server for only the Turbonet services because of its internet source, making it more stable with less load.

Due to how the device connects you to the internet, it barely faces downtime.

MTN Turbonet USSD Code

The MTN Turbonet USSD Code is *5057#. You can use it to purchase bundles, check your data balance, and many more. You can only access it only via your MTN number linked to your Turbonet account.

Does The Router Has Monthly Subscription

No, the Turbonet router comes with its own unique data packages you can purchase, and the good news is that you can buy any amount of data starting from GHS 25.

Also, any data bundle you purchase on the Turbonet does not expire.

That means you can manage your internet usage to your satisfaction, and until your data is fully exhausted, you can access the internet at any time.

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Where Can I Get MTN Turbonet To Buy

Initially, when the Turbonet routers cans to Ghana, MTN allowed third-party stores and showrooms to sell the routers in addition to their products which made the devices easy to purchase.

However, now it is no longer available in any store unless MTN accredited offices.

So, if you want a Turbonet router to buy, you can get it from the nearest MTN customer care center.

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How Much Is MTN Turbonet Router In Ghana

When the Turbonet router came first, it was sold at a price of 300 Ghana Cedis.

Later MTN increased the Turbonet prices to 500gh when they brought in the ZTE model.

Currently, MTN Turbonet Router in Ghana is sold for GHS 700.

So if you want to buy a new MTN Turbonet internet router, it will cost you GHS700 to buy.

MTN Turbonet Data Bundle Prices 2021

The table below shows the current MTN Turbonet data bundles prices:

Data Price(GH)Amount Of Data Bundle
25 GH5.14GB

That is all we have for you in today’s guide.

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