Vodacom Business Upgrade – Step To Upgrade Your Business Contract

Wondering how you can upgrade your business? You are in the right place. You can easily upgrade with the Vodacom business.

This can be possible by buying through purchasing the latest cell deals. In this, you will learn several concepts regarding Vodacom business upgrades.

You will be able to know the number you can call for an upgrade. Furthermore, they discuss how you can upgrade my Vodacom sim card.

You will also know how you can check if you’re due for an upgrade on Vodacom. To learn more about Vodacom’s business upgrade, consider the following concepts.

How To Check If You Are Due For An Upgrade On Vodacom

Knowing to check your upgrade on Vodacom is very easy. You just send UG as a message to 31050. Sending the message is free of charge.

The Number You Should Call For Vodacom Upgrades

You can easily call 137 in case you wish to ask for something on your account. On the other hand, you can dial 08217844.

You can use this number from any cell phone in South Africa.

How To Upgrade Your Vodacom Simcard

Follow the following steps to do a prepaid sim Swap.

  • Buy and Register for RICA, a new prepaid starter pack
  • From your new, Simcard dial 136
  • Choose the option to use your previous cellphone number.
  • A call Centre consultant will be connected to you to do a sim swap for you.
  • Finally, you can put the new sim into your device.

How To Pay For A Vodacom Account At Shoprite

At Shoprite and checkers, the customers with contracts may pay their bills. In your Shoprite, you can easily pay your accountant.

How To Speak To A Vodacom Consultant

To upgrade your Vodacom business, talking to a Vodacom consultant is much necessary. Simply dial 135 to get in touch with your customer care agent.

You can live chat at www.Vodacom.co.za or email customercare@vodacom.co.za

Furthermore, you can follow Vodacom on Twitter @Vodacom

That is all we have for you about the Vodacom business upgrade.

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