How To Activate Access Bank Nigeria USSD Code – Register Access Bank Transfer Code

Access bank mobile banking is one of the best bank products you can ever get to access banking on the go, and in this guide, we shall give you nothing more than how to activate the Access bank Nigeria USSD code.

A few years ago, before you can make a transaction with your bank account, you must visit the actual branch where you hold an account to make that transaction.

Because of that, it made sending and receiving money from one bank to the other became very stressful.

However, now you can transact from your bank account anywhere you are through USSD code, thanks to technology.

If you are an Access bank Nigeria account holder, you might have heard about the Access Bank transfer code.

Suppose it is your first time hearing about the Access Bank Nigeria mobile bank USSD code, this guide will give you the full details, including registering, activation, and using the Access Bank USSD Code.

Therefore, if you are ready, let’s begin.

What Is The USSD Code For Access Bank Nigeria

The Access Bank Nigeria USSD code is *901. It is available to every Access bank account holder, and once you can activate it on your phone, you can send and receive money, pay bills, airtime purchases, balance inquiries, check statements, and more.

The most thrilling thing is that you do not need the internet to use the Access Bank *901# transfer code. Also, it is accessible from all local networks in Nigeria.

Features & Benefits Of Access Bank Transfer Code

1. Send money to friends and family.

2. Check your account balance.

3. Pay bills

4. Buy the airtime on your phone.

5. Check your account statement.

6. Access Debit Card number.

7. Date of birth.

Requirements To Activate Access Bank USSD Code On Phone

Below are the things you need to activate the Access Bank USSD code on your phone:

1. Access Bank accounts number.

2. Mobile phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

3. Mobile phone (Analog or Smartphone).

4. Available network signal.

5. Access Bank Mobile banking code(*901#).

Steps To Activate Access Bank Transfer USSD Code

1. Dial *901# on the actual mobile phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

2. Select “Transfer,” and press send.

3. You will instantly be prompted to enter the last “6” digits of your Access Bank Debit Card number.

If you do not have a Debit card, you will be given an alternative to enter your date of birth, and it must be the same as your use to open the account.

4. Next, enter your Access Bank account number.

5. Create a “4” digits authentication PIN you will use to confirm your transactions.

6. Confirm your PIN and complete the activation process.

7. Once you have completed the activation process, you will be prompted with a successful notification.

That is how to activate the Access Bank USSD code in Nigeria.

How Much Can I Transfer With Access Bank USSD Code

You can transfer up to N20,000 naira with the Access Bank USSD code, but you will need a hardware token if you want to transfer more than that.

That is all you must know on how to activate Access Bank Nigeria USSD Code. We shall regular add more relevant information to this guide.

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