How To Locate Iran Embassy In Ghana – Direction, Contact & Everything

Diplomatic missions of countries have today become one of the most relevant government institutions that many countries such as Iran can not avoid, and that is why the Iran Embassy in Ghana exist.

You can not talk about the giant countries in the world without adding Iran, and these suggest the benefits that are involved in having relations with Iran.

What You Need To Know About The Iranian Embassy In Accra.

Across sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana is one country that hosts a lot of diplomatic missions due to its numerous relations with other countries.

Ghana is developing in all aspects as that did not come off as a fluke; they have indeed made good use of the several advantages they enjoy form their foreign relations.

However, the embassy of Iran is the representation of Iran’s government in Ghana, in case there is any communication between the two countries the embassy handles it.

The government has also obligated the embassy in Ghana to seek the welfare of all Iranian s living in Ghana

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Iranian Embassy In Ghana

Dr. Nusratullah Maliki, who is the ambassador to the Iran embassy in Ghana, Has received many praises from both top officials and the general public.

As a result of the work done since his appointment, not forgetting the many changes he has brought for visa acquisition to Ghanaian citizens, which has let to many citizens getting visas with ease.

Moreover, to unveil our topic for today, the introduction above should give you a gist, all we are coming to talk about.

Our topic for today is the Iran embassy in Ghana, and if you are reading this article, then it is very crucial to you. We implore you to take your time and read we will make what you need available.

To start with, read below let us show you how you can locate the embassy.

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Where is the Iran embassy in Ghana located

We have received a load of messages from some of our readers who are very stranded wanting to locate the Iran embassy in Ghana. If you are one of these people (travelers), then it’s time to smile.

We are going to show you where it is located and, in fact, not just that we will give you the most comfortable route to their location.

However, City capitals usually host embassies, and the Iran embassy is not an exception as it is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Looking for locations in Accra has never been difficult; you only need to follow the street and landmarks, and you will find what you want. You can follow the route below to locate the embassy.

How To Locate The Embassy

All you need to start your journey is to find the Reebok Ghana shop along the Nortei Ababio street, take a left turn onto then Noi Frekete street, and go straight towards Accent Financial services.

Just a few meters to Accent Financial services take a right turn onto the NME street, at this point I can say for sure that you are very close to the embassy.

The Iran embassy is located along the NME street behind GNPC EXPLORCO.

Was that clear fro you? If not, you can also use the street address of the embassy below to locate them.

Street address: No.3, NME Lane, Airport Residential Area, Accra.

Now you have the first ticket, at least you know where the embassy is located, but do you think that alone is enough?

Well, I don’t agree either, no matter what you need from the embassy, you surely need first-hand information. Not all queries require that you visit the embassy, and that is the reason why you need the contact information of the embassy.

Read in the next section to know you can contact the embassy.

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How to contact the Iran embassy in Ghana

If you are an Iranian citizen living in Ghana, one of the things you should always get at the back of your mind is the embassy contact details.

Still, someone may ask, why should I get their contact details?

Yes, good question, as the saying goes, no place is safer than home, living in a foreign land will one way or the other give you some negative challenges.

In times like that your embassy is where you will get assistance.

Similarly, people who need a visa to Iran as well need the contact details of the embassy for more inquiries and guidelines on how you can process your application.

The Iran embassy is always on alert to assist or give you all the necessary information you require, and they have encouraged the public to feel free to contact them concerning anything relating to Iran.

Therefore they have provided different options through which you can contact them, we have managed to fetch all that for you, but we advise you to choose one which suits you best.

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Contacts Iran Embassy Ghana
Official Contacts Of The Iran High Commission In Ghana

Phone Numbers And Email Address Of The Iran High Commission

If you want to call the embassy, you can call any of their phone numbers below.

Mobile : (+233) 0552569802

Telephone : (+233) 302 774 474, or   (+233) 302 760 521

If you love to contact them through the email, you can send them an email through their email address below.


Consulate Of Iran in Accra

Does Iran have Consulate in Ghana?

Yes, the Iranian High Commission in Accra has a Consular section that’s is responsible for all some consular services to the citizens of Iran staying in Ghana.

Maybe you are an Iranian residing in Ghana, and you can visit the Consular section for any help on passport related issues and other stuff.

Because they are in the same location as the embassy, they share the same contact information.

If you want to contact the Consulate on Iran in Accra, here is their telephone number below.

Telephone: (+233) 302 760 521

Website Of The High Commission Of Iran In Ghana

Seeking for more information is a useful tool that brings out the best for you.

Therefore it is vital to visit the official website of the embassy for more details.

The Iran embassy’s website is very simplified and not complicated to navigate.

They have also explained everything in detail, and we recommend that to those who want to apply for a visa being a student visa, tourism visa, or residence permit, you will get information regarding that on their website.

You can use the web address below to visit the official website of the Iran embassy in Ghana.


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