What Is UBA WhatsApp Leo Number, UBA WhatsApp Banking

In this guide, you will know What Is UBA WhatsApp Leo Number.

With this process simplified, the UBA bank did a partnership with WhatsApp incorporation to give you all your banking services at the comfort of your phone.

Your banking transactions through UBA WhatsApp banking are secure.

In this article, I will state the number you should use to use WhatsApp banking. Follow through to get the UBA WhatsApp banking number.

What Is The UBA WhatsApp Banking Number?

Leo is a virtual assistant banker and is always available 24/7 for any rising concern.

The authorized number to use for UBA WhatsApp. The number is +234 903 000 2455. 

You should add the number to your contact list, and then you can begin chatting.

What Can UBA WhatsApp Leo Do?

You can actually perform a wide range of banking services with the UBA WhatsApp Leo in Nigeria; these banking services include:

  1. You can top up airtime with Leo that has always got you covered. It is much easier to top up airtime on your mobile phone by chatting with UBA WhatsApp Leo. 
  2. You wi experience a whole new world of excellent banking solutions without going to the bank.
  3. You can link and fund your prepaid card. 
  4. You can view mini and full account statements, bill payments, transfer funds, and budgets on saving plans or spending limits.
  5. Inquiry of balance, link new account, perform all banking services, i.e., requesting, stopping, confirming cheque, blocking card, and freezing account.

Leo from UBA WhatsApp banking can perform a lot of duties, and it is secure and convenient to use him for all your banking needs; the only requirement you need to have is a UBA account.

How To Find Leo In Nigeria

Many people have heard of the UBA WhatsApp Leo in Nigeria and have been looking at finding him.

The good thing is that you can see Leo by simply going to your Facebook messenger or WhatsApp after adding the number +234 903 000 2455 and then searching for UBA chat banking.

Chat with Leo Today and experience a whole new world of banking solutions without physically heading over to the bank.

How Can I Activate UBA Leo in WhatsApp?

Add the UBA WhatsApp banking number to your contact lists and save it with UBA Leo or Leo.

Once saved, open your WhatsApp application.

Refresh and then search for the name that had been saved and then tap on the app to open a chat and then send “HI” to start your conversation.

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