How Much Do I Need To Open A UBA Account In Nigeria

Do you want to know how much you need to open a UBA account in Nigeria? Kindly read this guide.

Earning is not easy and saving, but you have to take the first step for a significant change in your life.

The UBA bank offers many accounts to save your money, from the kiddies account to the professional account.

Do not be left out and read through this article to know the minimum amount you need to open a UBA bank account.

How Much You Need To Open A UBA Account In Nigeria

The world is getting tough, but you need to get more challenging too and take the first steps towards managing your money better and more conveniently.

Start by opening a savings account that is more suitable for everyone.

You will only need 2,000 nairas for you to open an account with UBA bank.

This UBA savings account has its benefits like the other accounts.

Benefits Of Opening a UBA Account?

These benefits of opening a UBA Bank account come hand in hand with the specific account that you have opened and, in this case, the benefits are as follows:

You will get a third-party cheque deposit of up to 2 million nairas (maximum) with third-party transactions allowed.

Get a flexible opening balance with an unlimited number of withdrawals

You can either withdraw using a cheque or withdrawal slip

You will get a flexible operating balance that comes with attractive interest rates

You will get access to digital banking products and services

What Is Needed To Get A UBA Account Without An ID

The following are the rudiments that are a must to have

Only a passport photograph but a utility bill will not be required.

What Is Needed To Get A UBA Account With An ID

Outlined below are the requirements that are needed for those individuals with ID cards, and they are as follows:

1. A valid form of ID (international passport, national ID, driver’s license, or voter’s card)

2. A passport photograph

3. A utility Bill will not be necessary if the parent company has a UBA account

What Is The Code To Open A UBA Bank Account?

*919#, dial the USSD code *919# and follow the easy steps, and your account number will be sent to your mobile line.

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