What Is The Benefits Of the UBA Bumper Account

Do you own a UBA bumper account in Nigeria? Read this guide to know the benefits of the UBA bumper account.

Please do not be worried, and I got you covered. We all know that saving has become so hard as it is not easy to earn money during this period of a pandemic.

But do you also saving some money to help you cater to the needs of the future?

The UBA bank has come to your rescue because by opening a UBA bumper account, you get to enjoy most of its benefits.

In this guide, I will outline for you the benefits of opening a UBA bumper account in Nigeria.

The Benefits Of Opening UBA Bumper Account

The UBA bumper account is a bonus-saving incentive, and this rewards you with so many prices for saving a minimum amount of 5,000 nairas.

The following are the benefits of opening a UBA bumper account in Nigeria. 

  1. 100 lucky customers get to win 100,000 nairas each every month in the monthly bumper draw
  2. A customer also stands a chance to win 2 million nairas or 500,000 nairas every three months of the year
  3. free shopping worth 500,000 naira
  4. Win rent for a year worth 100,000 nairas monthly for a whole year

This means that by saving at least 5,000 nairas every month, you might have even more money in your account than you think. 

Before you get to enjoy the benefits of a UBA bumper account, you need the following to open a UBA bumper account:

  1. A minimum opening balance of 6,500 nairas accompanied by an account opening form.
  2. A valid means of identification could either be an international passport, national ID, driver’s license, or voter’s card.
  3. A passport photo 
  4. A utility bill that is within three months from the account opening date

The four above are the items needed for one to open a UBA bumper account and are eligible for all salary earners, professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and other individuals.

Will Accounts Without The BVN Number Qualify For UBA

No,accounts that are without a BVN numbers will not be considered for the UBA bumper targeted draw.

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