How Can I Get UBA Quick Credit, Follow These Steps

UBA quick credit has come to your rescue if you are In need of cash urgently.

Get up to 1 million nairas within just a minute with the UBA immediate credit.

The UBA quick loan has been made specifically to improve the lives of its customers.

With these few introductions, read through this guide to learn how you can finally apply for the quick credit.

How To Get UBA Quick Credit In Nigeria

Finally, it is here, do not let emergencies takedown with you; get a UBA quick credit within a minute.

I assure you that there are no struggles simply because there is no paperwork, no hidden charges, and there are no absurd conversations!

Below are the steps on how you can get your UBA quick credit:

Step 1: On your mobile device, dial the USSD code *919*28#

Step 2: You can then chat with Leo via the WhatsApp application or the Facebook application by using the word “loan”

Step 3: Follow the given instructions until you get your loan successfully

Step 4: UBA quick credit is also available on UBA internet banking and mobile banking platforms

After following the above-outlined steps, one will be able to acquire UBA bank Nigeria quick loan successfully with no much struggle, and below are the requirements that one needs to have.

Requirements To Get Quick Credit In Nigeria

For an individual or a customer to apply for the UBA quick loan, They must have the following in line with him:

  1. A valid means of official identification (international passport, national driver’s license, national id card, or voter’s card)
  2. A UBA Bank account with a regular inflow of at least 25,000 Naira monthly.
  3. An active UBA salary account

The three outlined rudiments are necessary, but also the quick credit comes with some product features and benefits, and they are as follows:

  1. There is a convenient repayment period of 12 months
  2. There is also a maximum loan amount of 1 million naira 
  3. The minimum loan amount is 50,000 naira
  4. There is an interest rate of 24% annually, and that is a 2% interest rate monthly
  5. There is no collateral and no documentation needed

What Is UBA Bank Nigeria Quick Credit?

It is a fully automated instant loan for all salary earners. This is enabled on all the UBA digital channels-USSD, Leo WhatsApp, and Facebook, mobile banking, and even internet banking.

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