What Is MTN Momo Agent – Know What MTN Mobile Money Agents Do

Since the introduction of MTN MoMo agents into the space of MTN mobile money operations, they have not ceased to carry out all the functions required of them. In today’s guide, we will deal with what the MTN MoMo agent is.

This MTM MoMo guide will give you a comprehensive view of what MTN MoMo agent is, their duties, their mode of conduct for business, and other needful information on MTN mobile money agents.

What Is MTN MoMo Agent

MTN MoMo agent is the name given to all persons authorized to carry out all the functions that MTN mobile money mandates them to undertake.

MoMo agents are registered with MTN mobile money offices before they are approved as MoMo agents/merchants.

What Does MTN MoMo Agents Do

MTN has allowed MoMo agents to carry out duties that relate to MTN mobile money operations. Some of these functions are:

•Withdrawing of money

•Depositing of money

•Transferring of money

•Paying of bills

•Mobile money registration

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a MoMo Agent

The benefits MTN MoMo agents are privy to are:

•Well organized financial transaction platform

•An easy and quick way of working

•The constant demand for MoMo services results in profit

•Commissions receive per transaction

•Free withdrawal from a bank account to a merchant account

What Is The Difference Between MoMo Agent & MoMo Merchant

MoMo agents and MoMo merchants refer to the same thing. They are all authorized persons mandated to carry out some functions on behalf of MTN mobile money to its subscribers. They are just two different words that refer to the same.

What Are The Code Of Ethics For MTN MoMo Agents

All MTN mobile money merchants are mandated to undertake all their business operations undergirded by the code of ethics.

This code of ethics becomes the monitoring and supervising element on the side of MTN to the agents, and even without filling the code of ethics form, you are not given the approval to be registered as a MoMo agent.

The code of ethics caution all agents to execute their function with a great sense of accountability, good inter-personal relation with all subscribers, should never try to fraud a subscriber or engage in any fraudulent activity that will bring the name of MTN MoMo to disrepute.

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