Here Are The Benefits Of MTN MoMo Agents In Ghana

Every work in this world has advantages and disadvantages. In today’s guide, we will discuss the benefits of the MTN MoMo agents in Ghana.

MTN mobile money has become very common to locate like food vendors in our communities. This leaves many people asking if there is any benefit in the job again, looking at how more people are being added up to it every day.

Well, the benefits remain unchanged, and even more are being added to it.

For their services, MTN MoMo is always in constant demand. Money has become a major determiner in our lives.

Hence the duties of mobile money agents will not run out, and even if they will, it will take long in Ghana. Thus, their benefits will also continue.

Before we can know and understand the benefits MoMo agents enjoy, it will be needful to consider the type of functions they execute first. This will help us appreciate their benefits.

What Are The Works Of MTN MoMo Agents

Below is a full list of some of the works done at MoMo agent outlets:

•Money transfer

•Bill payment

•Mobile Money registration

•MTN SIM card registration

•Airtime and data purchase

Now that we have gotten an idea of their functions, we can talk about their benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of MTN MoMo Agents In Ghana

The benefits of MTN MoMo merchants can be categorized into two. We have the benefits the society receives from them, particularly their services and the benefits they receive.

In this paragraph, all of these benefits will be listed together.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a MoMo agent.

1. Helps to make a financial transaction such as deposit and withdrawal possible

2. Assists with some mobile money usage issues without having to go to the MTN MoMo office.

3.No cost involved in merchant to merchant transaction

4. Transferring money from a bank account to the merchant’s account comes with no cost

5. Enjoys commission on all sending and receiving transactions. This commission can be withdrawn even before the end of the month.

Do MTN MoMo Agents Given Any Insurance Package From MTN

No, the responsibility to be insured as a MoMo agent does not fall on MTN Mobile Money. This is because MoMo agents are not the direct staff of the company.

If any MoMo agent is insured, then it is based on the working agreement the agent documented with the employer.

Are There Yearly Bonuses For MTN MoMo Agents From MTN

No, it is not documented on paper that there are bonuses given by MTN mobile money agents annually.

The only bonuses they receive are the cash out they make from commissions whenever the agent has a transaction.

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