How To Get Your MTN Mobile Money Code In Ghana – MoMo PIN

If by any means you have failed to get your MoMo PIN correct, this guide will help you on how you can get your MoMo code.

The importance of the mobile money code cannot be downplayed. It serves as an authentication element in authorizing your MoMo transactions.

This means when you fail to enter the correct MoMo transaction code, you cannot proceed with your mobile money operation.

In this guide, we will begin our quest on how to get your mobile money code by clearly knowing what the requirements are.

Requirements To Get Your MTN Mobile Money Code

Below are the requirements you need to know before you can get your MTN mobile money PIN:

1. The ID card used for registering your mobile money account

2. Full name as it is written on the ID card used

3. Date of birth

4. Last known transaction and the amount involved

5. Mobile money account balance

Once these things are all in place, you are now more certain in checking your MTN MoMo PIN.

In instances where any of the above requirements is not settled, you can still proceed on to the next step.

How Do I Get My MTN Mobile Money Code

You will need to follow the steps below to get to know your MoMo code:

1. Visit any MTN office near you

2. Request to see a mobile money customer service rep

3. Let the rep know what your mission there is

4. Your required information will be requested from you

5. The rep will verify all the information given

6. If it proves to be right, the rep will go on and finish the rest of the process,

You can choose to change your MoMo code if you think it is no longer safe.

How Can I Change My MTN MoMo PIN

You can follow these steps to change your mobile money code:

•Dial *170# on your cell phone

•Select option 6 (My Wallet) and send

•Choose option 6 (Change & Reset PIN) and send

•Change PIN by selecting option 1 and send

•Enter your old PIN and send

•Input the code you want to use as the new MM PIN

•Confirm your new PIN by entering the PIN again and send

•Intstantly, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the successful change of your MoMo Code

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