UBA Online Banking Services In Nigeria, Use Internet Banking

As the Nigerian community has continually embraced the UBA Online Banking services, some have been reported to have less than adequate knowledge about the UBA Bank Online Banking services.

As such, I am pleased to share with you some of the essential issues you need to know about UBA Online Banking Services, including how to use the UBA online banking services and the requirements required for registering, among others.

The article below gives a clear outline of things you need to know about UBA Online Banking services in Nigeria.

What Are The Requirements To Register For Uba Online Banking Services In Nigeria

You will need the following to register for UBA Online Banking Services;

  1. A laptop or smartphone
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. UBA Bank savings or current account
  4. Active UBA ATM card
  5. The email address that is actually linked to your account

How To Register For Uba Online Banking Services

The following are the steps that you should follow to register for UBA Online Banking Services in Nigeria;

  1. Go to your browser on your smartphone or laptop
  2. Visit the UBA Internet Banking Home Page at http://ibank.ubagroup.com
  3. Select user type, either “corporate” for a company or “individual account” for your account
  4. Click on “continue.”
  5. A web page will appear, and you will be required to fill in your UBA Bank account details
  6. After filling the form, tap on “continue.”
  7. Now create a strong password, but you can easily remember
  8. Finally, confirm your password

After completing these steps, you will be done with the registration process, and it will be confirmed through your email to be successful.

Services Offered Through The Uba Online Banking In Nigeria

The UBA Bank Online Banking services in Nigeria offer several essential services. These include;

  1. It allows its users to transfer funds from their UBA Bank accounts directly to other bank accounts, whether it is another UBA Bank account or any other bank.
  2. Enables users to monitor their accounts by checking balances, and bank statements and also personalizing their accounts
  3. You can quickly pay bills such as Cable Television, electric bills, and buying plane tickets. You can also purchase airtime directly to your phone.
  4. You can generate digital receipts for proof of transactions.
  5. Allows users to make international transactions.

Can My UBA Online Banking For Company be downloaded on my mobile phone?

The answer is yes. The authorizers can use the app to authorize corporate transactions.

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