Uba Direct Login In Nigeria, Access Your Account Online

If you are wondering what it is meant by UBA Direct login in Nigeria? Worry no more.

This article is here to answer all your questions.

It will focus on explaining precisely what UBA Direct login is, what is required for UBA Direct login, and give you detailed steps that you should follow to log in to your UBA Direct Account.

I am sharing the following article to help you understand everything about UBA Direct login in Nigeria.

What Is Uba Direct Login 

UBA Direct login is the digital way to access your UBA Internet Banking account or get into your UBA Mobile Banking App.

It is a necessary process as it is used to authenticate that the person accessing the banking services is the owner of the UBA Direct account.

Using your user ID, you can access your UBA Direct from anywhere in the world and make the desired transactions which would have otherwise cost more time locating UBA Bank branches.

For this reason, more customers are embracing the UBA Internet Banking platform as it is convenient.

What Are The Requirements For A Uba Direct Login

You will require the following for UBA Direct Login;

  1. A desktop, laptop, or smartphone
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. UBA Bank Account
  4. Active UBA ATM card
  5. Active email address
  6. Mobile phone number linked with your UBA account

These are the things that you will require for UBA Direct login.

What Are The Steps To Login Into Your Account Using Uba Direct Login

Follow the steps below to login to your account online using UBA Direct login;

  1. Go to your laptop or smartphone
  2. Visit the UBA Internet Banking Home Page at http://ibank.ubagroup.com
  3. Click on “forgot your user ID.”
  4. Enter your UBA Bank Account number
  5. Click on “submit.”
  6. The User ID is going to be sent to the email address you registered
  7. Go back to the home page and click login.
  8. Finally, fill in the account number and the user ID.

The information provided above is all you will need to know about UBA Direct login in Nigeria.

How Do I Login to My UBA Secure Pass?

First, you will open the UBA secure pass on your phone and then select the country of your UBA account (in this case, Nigeria.).

Enter the UBA Bank OTP sent to your phone number, and click on okay to complete the login process.

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