Is UBA Bank An International Bank, Yes, Get Details Below

Many have been questioning if the UBA bank is an international Bank. I am going to tackle all your questions concerning UBA and how big it is.

UBA bank has been in service for more than seven decades offering uninterrupted banking operations, and it gets more significant as time goes by.

We all know that we depend on these banks for our savings and getting loans that help us improve our lives or take our businesses to the next level. 

Read through this article to find out whether the UBA bank is an international bank or not.

Is UBA Bank An International Bank?

Yes, UAB is an international bank”. The UBA bank has grown its roots in different countries in the African continent, and in total, they are 20 countries.

The UBA bank is present in Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, Congo DRC, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Republic of Benin, Liberia, Gabon, Cote D’lvoire, Mali, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Republic of Tanzania, Chad, Uganda, Zambia and Nigeria itself. And still, the UBA bank is looking forward to expanding its subsidiaries in those other African countries.

The UBA has grown to be global. It also has its subsidiaries and offices in three foreign countries: the United Kingdom (UK), The United States of America (USA), and France.

Today, UBA bank is one of the largest financial services groups on the African continent.

The bank provides corporate, commercial, small, and medium enterprises, consumer, and personal banking services to more than eighteen (18) a million customers served through various channels.

It also has over 1,000 business offices (in Africa and abroad) and customer touchpoints (2,539 ATMs, 24,168 PoS, robust online banking, mobile banking, and social media platforms). 

Moreover, The UBA bank offers pension custody and other related services.

It has proven expertise and capacity in the critical sectors of the economies across Africa, especially in Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Finance, Agriculture, and commodity export.

The UBA bank continues to grow its global subsidiaries and offices to reach out to as many customers as possible and the Africans living abroad. 

They may have a more straightforward way to bank their money even when not in their home country.

Does UBA Bank Have Other Branches Apart From Those In Africa?

Yes, The UBA bank has three branches in these foreign countries: The United Kingdom (UK), The United States of America (USA), and France.

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