Is UBA Africard Free, Find How Much Africard Cost

Are you asking yourself whether UBA Nigeria Africard is free? Read through this article and be sure to get the most satisfactory answer.

Before answering this question, someone may want to know what an Africard is.

An Africard is the UBA Visa prepaid card is a debit card variant denominated in Nigeria and is pre-funded and reloadable.

It is internationally accepted in all visa acceptance points. (ATM, POS, and WEB).

Cardholders do not need to have an account with UBA.

Something great to note about the UBA Visa Africard is that there are no charges on it.

Unlike other ATM cards available to us, the UBA Africard card has zero ATM withdrawal charges.

How Do I Get a UBA Africard?

To get the UBA Africard, go to the customer section and request a UBA Africard. A form will be given to you to fill.

After filling out the form, submit it back, and your card will be ready within an hour.

You must load the card with at least N2,000 with a ten-digit code seen on the back of the card.

How You Fund Africard UBA Nigeria ATM

We stated that one does not need an account number to operate Africard from UBA.

Then if that is the case, how do we then fund your Africard ATM?

At the back of your ATM card is your account number, which is 11 digits information written boldly in black ink.

That is the account number to fund the ATM card.

However, it is impossible to transfer funds to it from other banks.

An easy way to support your Africard is to walk into any UBA bank, fill the deposit teller, write the number at the back of your ATM in the account position and tell the cashier that you want to make a deposit or fund your Africard.

Within a few minutes, a message and the ATM will be ready for use.

You can deposit other denominations as well. You can fund your ATM with Dollars, Pounds, and euros.

Africard UBA Nigeria Charges

Here are the UBA Africard charges:

Card Issuance Fee – N1,000 (VAT Exclusive)
Quarterly Card Maintenance Fee – N50 (VAT Exclusive)
SMS Alert – N4
Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee (Other Banks ATM) – N35 (After first free 3 withdrawals on other banks’ ATM terminals within a month)
International ATM Withdrawal Fee – N1,200
OCT Inflow (Original Credit Transaction Inflow from Platforms such as PAYPAL, etc.) – 1.5% of Transaction Inflow Amount (VAT Exclusive)
International Transactions (ATM, POS, WEB) – FX Rate Applies
Is UBA Nigeria Africard Free?

You should note that the UBA Visa Africard has no charges on it, unlike other available ATM cards close to us.

The UBA Africard has zero charges on ATM withdrawals.

What Is The UBA Daily Transfer Limit

There might be many people who have no clue about this, but basically, it is not that you never wanted to know, but maybe you never had the time to check or ask that question to the right person.

The daily transfer limit may vary according to the class of account or the digital channel you are using for your transactions. The UBA Internet Banking Transfer limit is as follows:

For The Retail class, the Transfer limit is 10 million Naira daily

The SME class is 500 million Naira Only

And for the last but not least, The Corporate class is 1 billion Naira daily.

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