Vodacom Airtime Advance, Find Out How To Borrow

Maybe you might have heard about Vodacom airtime advance and seeking to use the service.

Are you running out of airtime on Vodacom but don’t have money to recharge? Worry not, I recommend airtime to you in advance.

It might sound weird to you, bow you can now borrow airtime from Vodacom and pay later on your next recharge. But what is Vodacom’s advanced airtime?

That is what we are going to show you in this guide. We shall show you how to buy Vodacom airtime and pay later.

Sometimes you may be in the middle of a lengthy voice call, and all of a sudden, your airtime will be exhausted.

When that happens, it leaves you in a very confused state, but all hope is not lost as you can use the advance airtime services to purchase airtime and pay later.

What Is Vodacom Airtime Advance

Vodacom advance airtime service is an airtime loan product that allows Vodacom prepaid, Top-up, and uChoose customers to purchase Vodacom airtime and pay later. The airtime advance services allow you to borrow airtime from Vodacom and pay back on your next recharge.

How Do You Qualify For Vodacom Airtime Advance

To qualify for Vodacom airtime advance, here are the requirements:

1. You must be a Vodacom prepaid, Top-up, or uChoose customer.

2. You must be active on Vodacom for at least 3 months or more.

3. You must have a cumulative recharge of R29 at least 3 months consecutively.

4. For uChoose and Top-up customers, you must pay your account up to a month before.

Once you have met all the requirements above, you can now get advance call credit from Vodacom.

How Do I Know I Qualify For Airtime Advance

To know if you qualify for Vodacom airtime advance, you can dial *135*082#, or you can dial *135# and follow the menu prompt to check if you qualify for Talktime advance.

Suppose you have checked but are not eligible.

You must continue to use the service and airtime for more than R29 each month for about 3 months and check again.

How Much Airtime Advance Can I Get

You can get as much airtime advance as R5, R10, and R20, respectively, as that is the denomination in which you can get the advance call credit.

So, even if you want to request more than once, you will get the airtime only at the value of R5, R10, and R20.

Does Vodacom Charge Fees For Airtime Borrowing

Yes, the Vodacom airtime advance fee is R1. That means when you borrow airtime from Vodacom, you will be charged a fee of R1 as a service charge. So the advance borrowing service is not free on Vodacom.

That is all we have for you in this guide.

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