Can I Chat With UBA On Whatsapp In Nigeria, Yes, Follow This

Have you ever thought of performing your transactions through the WhatsApp platform?

Well, if you had felt that or you had no thought, UBA bank did launch WhatsApp banking to cater for all your needs through the platform.

Chatting With UBA On WhatsApp

UBA WhatsApp Banking is currently live, and individuals would now be able to transact through their WhatsApp application.

The WhatsApp application is seemingly the best informing application on account of its usability.

Presently, you can do some essential financial exercises on your WhatsApp Application just by talking with Leo – UBA’s Artificial Intelligence Personality. 

What Can You Do Using the UBA WhatsApp Platform

A portion of the financial practices you can perform using WhatsApp include: 

  • Check Account Balance. 
  • Broadcast appointment Top Up. 
  • Money Transfer. 
  • Bills Payments and so forth 

While this appears to be a welcome turn of events, there are still a few issues.

For one, you would require a web association capable of utilizing the WhatsApp Application to visit Leo.

There is additionally the issue of certain telephones not having the option to introduce the WhatsApp Application.

Assuming you fall into any of the above classifications, you can utilize their USSD Banking alternative, which offers similar highlights.

Presently, we should get down to how to set up the UBA WhatsApp Banking on your Smartphone. 

The most effective method to Set Up UBA WhatsApp Banking In Nigeria

Here we go; how do you set up WhatsApp banking?

First of all, you should ensure you have the WhatsApp application installed on your telephone.

You should likewise have a functioning web association. When the two necessities have been met, then, at that point, we can start. 

  • Add the UBA WhatsApp Banking Number to your contacts list: +232 79 919 
  • You can save it with anything you need, yet I’ll suggest you protect it with Leo or Leo UBA. 
  • When the contact has been saved, open your WhatsApp Application and go to your contact list. Revive the rundown and search for the contact. 
  • Tap on it to open a visit. 
  • Presently Send “HI” 
  • Acknowledge the agreements of the UBA WhatsApp Banking by composing one and send. 
  • When you acknowledge it, a link will be sent to you. 
  • Open the link with any program and register utilizing your UBA account number. 
  • After a fruitful enrollment, an OTP (One-time password) will be sent to your telephone number. 
  • Open your WhatsApp Application and Open the talk among you and Leo. Presently Type in the OTP you got and send. 
  •  Whenever that is done, then, at that point, you are good to go. You would now be able to utilize the UBA WhatsApp Banking for your financial exchanges. 

The UBA WhatsApp Banking is a stand-out and a stage towards the correct heading as the world is heading computerized.

It is inevitable that different banks follow after accordingly in UBA’s footsteps.

How can I find UBA Leo?

This is a simple task as it can be; you will go to your Facebook Messenger application or WhatsApp application.

Type on the search engine the word “UBA Chat Banking”.

If that is not all the information, you needed you can also visit the UBA customer care page for assistance and more info.

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