How To Transfer Money Using MTN Mobile Money In Ghana

Are you looking for how you can transfer money using MTN mobile money? Worry not, for this is the right place to be. In this guide, we will assist you with all the essential parameters on how to transfer money using MTN mobile money.

MTN mobile money has run the game of sending and receiving money on mobile phones since its introduction.

Ever since, it has improved its way of carrying out mobile money operations, even to the extent of offering loans and savings services.

The money transfer service in MTN mobile menu is a daily activity in Ghana.

We have people sending money to their loved ones and those sending for other purposes like a bank account.

For this guide, we will concentrate mainly on how you can send money to other people.

Requirements To Transfer Money Using MTN Mobile Money

Making a money transfer to another person using MoMo will require the following:

•Mobile phone

•MTN MoMo SIM card with enough funds on it

•Receiver’s phone number

•Receiver’s mobile money name

•Good MTN network signal

How Do I Transfer Money Using MTN Mobile Money

The following steps below will guide you through transferring money using MTN MoMo:

1. Dial the USSD code *170# using your phone mobile

2. Choose option 1 (Transfer Money) from the MoMo menu page

3. Select option 1 (MoMo User) and send

4. Input the recipient’s phone number and send

5. Confirm the number by re-entering it

6. Enter the amount money you want to transfer

7. Enter a reference for the transaction

8. This will display the receiver’s name and the amount you entered

9. Review the details to be sure you have the right MoMo name and amount

10. Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm the transfer

11. Choose Yes to complete it

How Much Is Charge For Transferring Money Using MTN MoMo

Transferring money using MTN mobile money attracts extra charges. A list of these charges is defined below.

No charge amount is placed on transfers from GHS 1.00 to GHS 100.00. The extra fee has been waived off.

Transfer amount exceeding GHS 100.00 attracts an additional fee of 1% of the transferred amount.

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