How To Withdraw Money From MTN MoMopay In Ghana

In some of our previous guides, much work has been done on MTN MoMoPay, and for this particular guide, our center of attention will be on how do you withdraw money from MoMoPay in Ghana.

MoMoPay is widely noted as a payment service under the MTN mobile money menu. It was introduced to establish a cashless system of payment for goods and services.

In today’s guide, we will get to know how all money received via the MoMoPay platform can be withdrawn in Ghana.

As stated already in some previous guides, the MoMoPay service is mostly used by MoMo merchants and MoMoPay agents for payment.

Sometimes as a means to cash out when the MoMo user is not having all the needed documents to withdraw money from his/her mobile money account.

Requirements To Withdraw Money From MTN MoMoPay In Ghana

To be able to withdraw money from MoMoPay, you will need to have these:

•MoMoPay merchant ID/invoice ID

•Merchant access portal details

•MoMo account

•Mobile phone

•MoMo PIN code

How Do I Withdraw Money From MoMoPay In Ghana

Since the MoMoPay is accessed by normal subscribers and MoMoPay agents, we will consider different steps involved in withdrawing from MoMoPay.

All money paid through MoMoPay for agents is stored on the MoMoPay wallet.

To withdraw this way, they need to follow some steps to be able to withdraw it, and these steps are what we are going to talk about soon. For now, let’s start with how to withdraw as a normal subscriber.

How To Withdraw Money From MoMoPay As An MTN MoMo Subscriber

Subscribers cannot withdraw on their own. They will need to find a MoMo agent and follow the steps below to withdraw:

1. Dial *170# on your phone

2. Select option 2 (MoMoPay And Bill) from the menu list and send

3.Choose option 1 (MoMoPay)

4. Enter merchant ID

5. Enter the amount to be withdrawn

6. Input your MM PIN code to confirm the withdrawal

How To Withdraw Money From MoMoPay As An Agent

For MoMo merchants and MoMoPay agents, your MoMoPay account is linked with your MoMo wallet.

This means funds are directly stored in it from MoMoPay. You can withdraw by following the procedures for making a withdrawal for MTN MoMo Merchants:

1. Visit any merchant corner

2. Initiate the process on your phone by dialing the merchant code for the MoMo transaction.

3. Wait for the other merchant to complete the process

4. Enter your merchant authorization PIN to confirm the withdrawal.

How Much Does It Cost To Withdraw From MoMoPay

The point below gives a clear indication of the charges involved in withdrawing from MoMoPay:

•For MoMo subscribers, a charge of 0.2% is placed on withdrawal amount ranging from Gh¢1.00 to Gh¢50.00

•Also, for withdrawals of Gh¢1000.00 and above, there is a fixed rate of Gh¢2.00

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