How To Start Egg Business In Ghana – Profitable Egg Business Ideas 2021

Are you thinking of investing in a product that has a high marketing demand? Maybe you are considering investing in eggs, but you don’t know how to start an egg business in Ghana.

In today’s business guide, we are going to provide you with detailed information on how to build a successful egg business in Ghana.

The consumption of eggs daily has created a bigger business opportunity for investors.

Egg consumption has been on the rise, becoming a product with a higher marketing demand.

There have been many occasions where there’s a shortage of eggs across the nation, and this alone is a prove of how demanding the product is.

And investing in the egg business can be a better profitable opportunity you’ll be creating for yourself.

The egg business in Ghana can be operated in two ways, which are;

1. Small Scale Operation – investors in this kind of business operate as retailers to service consumers in small quantities. Many operate on a small scale by hawking around with cooked eggs, and some fill their storefronts with few crates of eggs.

2. Large Scale Operation – with this scale of operation, bigger stores are stocked with eggs, and investors under this operation serve as wholesalers. People operating under this scale buy products directly from producers

Measures To Consider When Starting Egg Business In Ghana

To easily start your egg business in Ghana, the following measures have to be considered.

Location of your business – make the right choice of location for your business to gain more profit.

Register your business – your business certificate will help present your business professionally and legally.

Advertisement is key – advertising through family and friends, advertising boards, and sharing business fliers on social media.

Choose a reliable egg supplier for your business.

Choose the right size of eggs when stocking your shop.

⦁ Provide a list of affordable prices depending on the size of eggs to help customers make a choice.

⦁ Target poultry farms.

⦁ Target food joints, e.g., restaurants.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Egg Business In Ghana

The cost of running an egg business in Ghana depends on the scale of operation the investor can establish.

Running a small-scale egg business can cost as low as 50 Ghana cedis.

Operating a large-scale egg business can cost in the range of (2,000 – 3,000) Ghana cedis.

How Profitable Is Egg Business In Ghana

Operating under the small-scale system, retailers patronize a crate of eggs at the cost of (15 – 20) Ghana cedis.

Each crate consists of 30 eggs, and the egg is sold at 1 cedi.

Therefore the profit made on selling a crate of egg ranges from (10 – 15) Ghana cedis. That’s an overwhelming profit made.

Wholesalers purchase at a very lower price from producers, which makes the egg business in Ghana a very profitable business to invest in.

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Best Areas To Start Egg Business In Ghana

Setting up an egg business in Ghana will be more profitable if the right areas with higher demand are chosen. Some of these areas include:

⦁ Busy roads in cities with higher egg demand

⦁ Bus stations

⦁ Market centers

⦁ Storefront along roadside

How To Build A Successful Egg Business In Ghana

To successfully build an egg business in Ghana, the following measures have to be considered.

1. Good customer relationship

2. Good customer care

3. Always reliable to your clients

4. Look presentable

5. Choose the different size of eggs to help clients choose from what they can afford to patronize

6. Be determined

7. Ready to face and overcome setbacks

Challenges The Egg Business Face

There are few poultry farms, which has always caused demand to beat the supply in the production of eggs.

Poultry farms are located in outskirt areas of the city. Therefore the cost involves in transporting eggs into the city centers can be costly.

Benefits Of Setting Up The Enterprise

The financial benefit of running an egg business in Ghana is impressive, and therefore it will be a good investment.

That is the detailed information we can provide for now on how to start an egg business in Ghana.

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