How To Contact Ecobank Ghana – Contact Number, Office Address, & Email

Are you looking for a trusted bank to save for tomorrow? Or, you want a financial institution that can help you open up a current diaspora account that will help you manage and move your money easily while working outside Ghana but don’t know whom to contact. Then, the right place to get good services in banking is to contact Ecobank Ghana.

How do you contact Ecobank Ghana?

We guess the just above question has been a stressful one to think of.

Therefore, this article is meant for you because the guide has been purposely dedicated to educating our readers on how to contact Ecobank Ghana.

Ecobank Ghana is a financial institution that operates a commercial service banking, registered and licensed with the Bank Of Ghana (BOG).

Ecobank Ghana has over 1300 branches in 36 countries and has the biggest branch networks on the African continent.

The financial institution offer loans to the Ghanaian public being its personal loan, auto loan, advance facility, mortgage loan, travel loan, or salary advance.

You can enjoy the savings account, classic savings account, student savings account, advantage savings account, and premier savings account services of Ecobank Ghana.

Also, the institution allows customers open up different kind of account providing the customer meet the requirement for the account of choice.

You can open up a classic current account, student current account, advantage current account, premier current account, and diaspora current account.

Which service category does your query fall into? Note that no matter the kind of query you want to make, the rightful source that can be of help to you is to contact Ecobank Ghana.

Yes, contact Ecobank Ghana because the institution’s customer care representatives hold a piece of in-depth knowledge about the institution’s operation and services and stand in the right position to assist customers to their maximum satisfaction.

We hereby encourage you to keep on reading because the contact details of Ecobank Ghana are discussed below in this article.

Head Office Of Ecobank Ghana

The head office of Ecobank Ghana is located in Accra, and there’s the need to make physical contact with the office if your query exceeds the capabilities of the customer representatives to assist you.

Also, you can send your queries through the postal address of the institution. Use the postal or physical address below to locate the head office of Ecobank Ghana in Accra.

2 Morocco Lane, Off Independence Avenue, Accra, Ghana

Postal Address: P. O. Box AN 16746, Accra-North

Working Days And Hours Of Ecobank Ghana Head Office

Before making physical contact or any kind of contact with the head office of Ecobank Ghana, put into consideration the working days and hours of the office to enable immediate assistance from the office.

The head office operates from Monday – Friday within the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

How To Contact Ecobank Ghana

Getting in touch with Ecobank Ghana is not a stressful activity to carry out because the institution has provided the Ghanaian public with a lot of channels they can pass through to make queries to the bank.

Below are some of the communication channels provided by Ecobank Ghana:

1. Contact Number

2. Email

3. LiveChat

4. Contact Form

5. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of Ecobank Ghana

Make your verbal queries to Ecobank Ghana by placing a call through the following numbers:

1. +233 302 213 990

2. 030 221 3999

How To Contact Ecobank Ghana Through Email

Make your queries in a simplified or detailed form to the Ecobank Ghana through the institution’s official email address

How To Chat With Ecobank Ghana Via LiveChat

Follow the steps below to get in touch with Ecobank Ghana through LiveChat.

1. Visit Ecobank Ghana personal banking assistance website by clicking on this link

2. Scroll down to locate the LiveChat button

3. Click on LiveChat

4. Select your country

5. Click on submit

6. Chat section is activated

7. Make your queries to the available representative

Ecobank Ghana Contact Form

Follow the procedure below to contact Ecobank Ghana through the contact form:

1. Visit Ecobank Ghana personal banking assistance website by clicking on this link

2. Scroll down to locate the “write to us” form

3. Fill in the details of the form

4. Click on submit

5. Wait for a response to be sent to you through the email provided when filling the form

How To ReachEcobank Ghana On Social Media

Do you love making queries through social media? Luckily, Ecobank Ghana has made provisions for the institution’s official social media to connect and interact with customers.

Below are the official social media handle links of Ecobank Ghana:

1. Youtube:

2. Facebook:

3. Twitter:

4. Instagram:

5. Linkedin:

That is all we have for you on how to contact Ecobank Ghana.

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