How To Start A Tourism Business In Uganda – Use This Simple Method

 Uganda is one of the countries that has been supporting tourism to grow. It is a tourism destination for many tourists. So, it is a good idea to start a Tourism business in Uganda.

There are so many beautiful sceneries in Uganda and other indigenous animals like rhinoceros and elephants in the national park.

It is also known for varieties of bird species. Uganda tourism has contributed much to the economy and has provided employment opportunities to thousands living in Uganda.

What are the main ideas in the tourism business in Uganda?

1. Constructing of high-quality accommodation facilities. This will tend to offer accommodation services for tourists who come to visit the country or the domestic ones.

For instance, hotels and lodges offer different kinds of services to visitors.

The hotel and lodges are on the rise because of the improving tourism sector. The hotels and lodges are a variety where it can suit everyone’s pocket. There are luxurious ones and other types of budgeted accommodation facilities.

The accommodation facilities can be located anywhere in Uganda, including areas around wildlife services or tourist attractions.

2. Having a tour guide project. For instance, bicycles, hot air balloons, and lake viewing. In Uganda, there are a lot of associations responsible for tourists. The Association of Uganda Tour Operators is a body in charge of tour guides.

3. Attractions and destinations. Developing special tourism facilities such as the Mahatma Gandhi statue. The most popular attractions in Uganda like the kids falls

4. Travel operators or tour agents. They are responsible for giving tourists the best experience and giving tourists guide to their destinations.

The tour operators have employed tour guides, drives, and many other people to run the business effectively. The travel guide and tour operators have contributed largely to the tourism sector of Uganda. 

They help in the accommodation process, transportation, and offering the tour services.

What are some of the sectors of tourism in Uganda?

a) Travel trade

b) Events and conferences

c) Food and beverage

d) Transportation

e) Adventure and recreation

f) Attractions

g) Accommodation

What is needed to operate a tourism business in Uganda?

A business person in that sector will only need a tour operator’s license to start the tour operating business. The annual licensing fee is about $50 only, which is not expensive.

A schedule 2 document application form has to be completed, and it is gotten from the Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry.

The main forms of tourism found in Uganda

a) Adventure tourism

b) Cultural tourism – tourism travel, in this case, to learn the culture, norms, dance, and behavior of a certain community. Uganda comprises the Busoga kingdom, banyakole culture, and Karamojong culture.

c) Leisure tourism – tourist travel to enjoy nature, for instance, bird watching, mountain biking, bike hiking, and so many other activities

d) Ecotourism

e) Volunteer tourism – tourist travel to help communities and support their projects like building schools and orphanages.

f) Educational tourism – Tourists tend to travel to increase their knowledge of something or even improve their qualifications.

g) Business tourism – tourists can engage in different business trips and add on to their already established business.

h) Sports tourism

i) Space tourism

j) Medical tourism – tourist travel to solve their medical problems

Is the tourism business profitable in Uganda?

The tourism sector has been growing rapidly, without a doubt. It has increased the GDP of the Ugandan economy.

With a large number of tourists entering the country with investment ideas, adventure and leisure profits have been realized among the tourism businesses in Uganda.

That is all we have for you on how to start a Tourism Business in Uganda.

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