How To Start A Shoe Business In Uganda – Read This Guide

If you are an entrepreneur and you are willing to start a business, you can start a shoe enterprise. It is also one of the profitable businesses in Uganda. People need shoes to match their outfits.

So in this guide, I will share with you guidelines on how to start a shoe business in Uganda.

You can choose to either go for a retail or a wholesale business. Knowing what the Ugandans need, you can arrive at some decisions and sell the shoes.

Things to do before starting your business in Uganda

1. Do thorough market research. Know whom you are competing with. And the kind of things they are doing. For, instance the kind of shoe they are selling, the kind of shoes most people are buying, and at what rate.

2. Have a good choice of market. The kind of market you choose for the shoe business will affect your business either positively or negatively.

3. Decide on your brand whether you will be selling men shoes, women’s shoes, or kids shoes

4. Have the kind of shoes in mind which you want to offer

Tips to starting a shoe business in Uganda

a) Research on the kind of shoe and its manufacturer. You need to research the kind of shoes you want to sell and look for different distributors and manufacturers.

Establish your supplier to help you maintain quality.

b) Work with a business plan. The business plan should have in mind the kind of shoe you want to sell, estimate your sales, and ensure the legality of your business to avoid trouble with the local authority.

The business plan should also have the amount of capital you want to use, the operating cost, and the marketing cost.

c) A good business location. In an area like Kampala city, it is usually crowded. Look for an area where there is high human traffic. A location where people can easily get your shoe business.

d) Ask for opinions from other dealers. The continuous asking of opinions will help you maintain customers at large.

e) Have the legal requirements for starting the business. Ensure that you have legal insurance and business permits from the local authorities.

f) Devise a marketing strategy for your business. Marketing online is very easy nowadays. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your own shoe business.

Is the shoe business profitable in Uganda?

The starting cost of a shoe business can start from $ 10. A normal shoe business can get up to $50 per month.

With the motivation to earn profits in your business, realizing a large profit is very easy. Beware of the kind of shoes that people like the most in your area of business.

That is all we have for you on how to start a Shoe Business in Uganda.

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