How To Increase My Transfer Limit On UBA In Nigeria

In this guide, you will know how to increase my transfer limit on UBA

Do you have multiple transactions you need to carry out, and you wonder if you will manage to carry out all of them within limits? 

I am going to take you various limits from different categories of UBA bank Nigeria. 

No need to worry about that, as I will take you through various limits that can be transacted within a day in UBA bank.

 It will help you find a solution or avoid being frustrated because you have reached the maximum daily transaction limit permitted by UBA bank in Nigeria.

UBA Nigeria Internet Banking Transfer Limit

To start with internet or web banking, one can transact up to $20,000 per person daily.

So UBA bank Nigeria’s internet banking transfer limit is $20,000 daily.

You can transact various transactions on your online banking by either sending money, paying for bills or withdrawing up to the amount mentioned above. 

You will have to wait until the next day to continue with more transactions on reaching the limit.

When we talk of internet banking, the transactions done through the USSD code (*919#) are inclusive.

How Much Is UBA Daily Transaction Limit In Nigeria

Various people might not know how much they can be allowed to transact in a day since very few people reach the limit. 

However, this depends on multiple factors when the bank is giving a daily limit on individuals. 

The daily limit is determined by the class of the account or the digital channel you are using to carry out your transactions.

Here are the limits for different categories;

  1. In retail class, the transfer limit is ten (10) million Naira  daily
  2. The SME class; a daily transfer limit of 500 million Naira
  3. The Corporate class; a daily limit of 1 billion Naira

As you can see, different categories have different limits. However, if you feel like you would wish to increase your limit, it is still possible.

How Can I Increase My Transaction Limit On UBA Mobile App

Increasing your daily limit with UBA bank in Nigeria is one thing that should not bother you at all, be it mobile transactions or bank transactions. 

For mobile transactions, visit the UBA application, go to settings, click on the self-service option, and go straight to the transfer limit. 

Consequently, if you wish to increase the bank account transactions, visit your nearest UBA bank branch and fill in forms for increasing transfer limits.

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